Installing windows 2k professional

I just formatted my hard drive and now want to install windows 2000 professional (clean install).

It doesn't matter what I do, the pc only boots to c:\ prompt.

I even changed the boot sequence to boot from cd rom but that is not working either.

Can someone please help out?

Please don't view my 75 points to signify that the question is easy or simple.

I just need your help, thanks in advance
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Hello simflex =)

you are using a windows startup floppy to boot the system, right ??
so from C:\ prompt can you access the CD drive with the Win2k cd inserted ??
if Yes then try running winnt.exe from the CD and check if it executes the Win2k setup ??

If you have changed the boot order in the BIOS

1- verify the IDE cables
2- You are useing a Bootable CD ? if not it wont boot from the CD
Rok BrnotCommented:
If I understand your question  - you are trying to install WIN2K from CD but installation doesnt start?
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To get around a non-bootable cd is to download a bootable floppy from and set A:\ as first boot option in BIOS, however, if you currently have NTFS you might find useful for readable NFTS partitions in DOS.
Once this is sorted, you can now manually access your CD-ROM from DOS and usually you just located D:\winnt\system32\winnt.exe and this starts an installation from DOS more.
If you have some extra time before starting the installation, make sure that you get a file called smartdrv.exe on that bootable floppy, if you run smartdrv in DOS before installation you will see quite some noticable change in installation speed.
Hope this helps,
simflexAuthor Commented:
hi SheharyaarSaahil, thanks to you and inverc for the rapid response.

I will respond to both your posts here.


first, what is the command for accessing cd drive from c:\ prompt?

No, I am not using a bootable cd.

What is the alternative?

Will the bootdisk (floppy I used to format disk) work?

I am what you call a novice.
Sometimes having the I can-do attitude will come back to bite you.

I probably would have been better off going to an expert but I am confident you guys can bell me out.
>> first, what is the command for accessing cd drive from c:\ prompt?
consider that you have started the system with CDROM support, it will calculate soem things and then will tell you that this is your drive letter, r.g E:

then from C:\> prompt you will have to write, E: and hit enter
the prompt will change to E:\>
from here type cd i386 and hit enter
prompt will change to E:\i386>
now type winnt.exe and hit enter
the Win2k setup should start now!
does it? :)
Rok BrnotCommented:
Making the Windows 2000 Installation Floppy Disks
On a computer running a 32-bit version of the Windows operating system:
1. Insert the Windows 2000 CD into the CD-ROM drive.
2. When prompted, Would you like to upgrade to Windows 2000, click No.
3. On the Windows 2000 CD splash screen, click Browse This CD.
4. When a list of folders appears, double-click the BOOTDISK folder.
5. Double-click MAKEBT32.
6. At the prompt, Please specify the floppy drive to copy the images to, type: A.
7. Insert the first disk, and press Enter.
8. Follow the instructions to create the remaining three disks.
9. Label the disks in numerical order as prompted during the creation process.
10. Close the BOOTDISK folder and close the Windows 2000 CD splash screen.

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simflexAuthor Commented:
Thanks again for the quick response.

Acutally, the real reason I formatted the hard drive is because I tried to convert from fat32 system to ntfs system but the win2k setup started hanging.

The resolve this, I was instructed to delete the ntfs partition, create a fat32 partition and format.

All of this was done successfully.

So, that is wy I am stuck now.

You suggested to get to CD-ROM from DOS and usually by locatinmng  D:\winnt\system32

I can't even access d:

I tried this command:

a:\ > I typed cd d:\ but I got invalid directory.

I tried the same command from c:\ but still I get either bad command or invalid directory.

Is there any other way to get to cd drive?
wlennonVP of Domestic & Int'l OperationsCommented:
You will need a boot floppy, not just a formatted floppy with System Files.

You can download the files from here, copy them to a floppy then boot from the new floppy, and it will tell you the CD ROM drive letter. 
>> Is there any other way to get to cd drive?
what is the CD drive letter being told to you when you choose Start System With CDROM Support ??
dont write CD D: write as D:
and i think that your cd drive should be E: if you have only one partition as C: drive!
simflexAuthor Commented:
I said I would come back here to update you all about whether I am successful in installing windows 2k pro from dos or not.

Well, I am here to thank all of you for the overwhelming quick response.

The installation was successful.

Every single advice I received today has been very, very useful, whether that resulted to the solution or not.
The one that worked was the one from rbrnot.

The instruction was easy and straightforward and worked like a charm.

I wish we could all have this typpe of overwhelming response at all times.

I know the points I have is not enough to thank you for your help, I have increased so everyone gets a little something.

Thanks to all again.

I am posting another one for replacing an old hardware with a new hardware.

I hope I can assistance from that also.

If I do, all my PCs will now be working.
glad you got it worked simflex..... and dont worry about the points..... Cheers ^_^
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