"There are currently no logon logon servers to service the logon request" error message when accessing XP Pro from W2k

I have a small home network running in my house.  I have one desktop running XP Pro, another running XP Home, and another laptop running Windows 2000.  The XP Pro is hard-wired into a Belkin DI-524 wireless router, and the XP Home and W2k are via wireless.  When I try to access the XP Pro from the XP Home, everything works fine, but when I try to access the XP Pro from the Windows 2000, I get an error message saying that "There are currently no logon logon servers to service the logon request."  

What do I need to do to be able to access the XP Pro from the Windows 2000?  I need the share access to a printer.

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When you say access , what exactly you are doing from 2000 to xp pro ?

Have you made sure all computers are in the same workgroup ?

try this
go to start --> run and type in
 NOTEPAD %windir%\system32\drivers\etc\lmhosts

Notepad should open and will ask you if you want to create a new LMHOSTS file if it is not there.
Say "yes" and create one

in that give the IP address and computer names of all the computers involved

ip address of C1         computer name of C1  #PRE
ip address of C2         computer name of C2  #PRE
ip address of C3         computer name of C3  #PRE

Save the file. Give a DOT (.) at the end of file name and after saving make sure it is saved as

Now copy this file to the same location in all the machines.
now restart all the computers and check if that would help

More info on LMHOSTS: http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documentation/windows/98/all/reskit/en-us/part7/wrkappf.mspx

davidmiglAuthor Commented:
When I say "access", I am trying to view the computer resources through Windows Explorer i.e. My Network Places --> Entire Network --> Microsoft Windows Network --> Home [the name of my home network] --> Epsilon [the name of the XP Pro machine].

I can't configure much on the Windows 2000 machine because it is a company laptop that has everything set up just perfectly so it will work on the company network.  Besides, the company IT has me locked out of the "Network and Dial-up Connections" folder.  The Windows 2000 machine is a member of a domain, while the other two computers are members of workgroups.  Could this be causing conflicts?

Is the LMHOSTS file used only by NetBIOS?  The Windows XP Pro computer does not currently use that (NetBIOS is not visible in the "Local Area Connection" properties).  Would it be very useful then?  I really don't want to mess around in the guts of all the networking and system folders for fear of messing something up.

The Windows 2000 machine can get an internet conneciton from the router.

Is there any other information that would be of use to you?  I would be glad to give it.
Try enabling netbios to tcp/ip option in xp and check

>> The Windows 2000 machine is a member of a domain, while the other two computers are members of workgroups.  Could this be causing conflicts?

may be but not 100% sure.

So you enter xp machines logging on to their computers and 2000 logging on to domain is it ?

from xp machines can you access 2000 fine ?

from 2000 , go to start > search and search for computers and see if you can find xp there. doubt it as 2000 is logged on domain and rest not in the domain
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davidmiglAuthor Commented:
The XP machines can access 2000 fine.  

There is no option to search for computers on 2000, but all the computers appear in Windows Explorer.
This article might be of some help. Take a look ...
this is a common problem, try dooing this first.  go to services, find “computer browser” disable it, then stop it.  also if you dont have a password on the 2000 station, make one, then whatever username and password you use on the 2000 computer, make sure you have that same setup on your xp computer that you want to brouse.  ie on the xp compter make a user name david with a password of password.  then try it.

davidmiglAuthor Commented:
Well, still no luck.  Any other suggestions?
davidmiglAuthor Commented:
I did some research on this problem (apparently it had been posted here before), and most solutions pointed to creating a custom hosts file pointing to a specific logon server(exactly like sunray 2003 suggested in his first comment).  Unfortunately, this required changing settings in the "Network and Dial-up Connections" folder, which, as stated before, I am unable to access.  Is there a workaround for this, or is creating the file the only solution?
yaw, you need to change your network connection stuff, this talk is not going to cut it then, but you can use command lines to get away with what you want to do.  ie

say the xp computer name is computer, the share you want to connect to is share, the user name on that xp computer you can use is dude, and the password is password1, then type this at the command line, or put it in a batch file

net use \\computer\share /user:dude password1 /persistent:no /y

you and do that with printers too like this, if the printer is shared as laser5

net use lpt2: \\computer\laser5 /user:dude password1 /persistent:no /y

its just a work arround.  if you really want to mess with your lmhost file then its in



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