Yahoo Web hosting good domain?

I have my website monitored through a small company but if I have a problem they are fast and good with dealing with me.

I'm thinking of moving it to Yahoo for the Size of the e-mail boxes, bandwidth and size of the domain. The main reason is I’m getting so much spam and viruses through my other company and I have it filtered through a filtration company as well.witch i have to pay exsta.

Does any one have any comments for the Yahoo as a domain or know of any other good domins. right now I use they are very good but i do need more ten what they offer.  
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I see that Master Sites uses Spam Assassin, which is very good.  However, you often have to activate it and configure it through your control panel.

I don't have any direct experience with Yahoo hosting, so I can't really comment on that, but an established, reputable hosting company to look at is Hostway (  They offer good anti-spam, anti-virus protection for your email (see

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BTW - regardless of your hosting company, you need to have a good anti-virus program running on all your workstations.  Also, spam filters are great, but none of them is perfect.  If you are getting no spam at all your filter is probably dropping some legit mail, too.
invercAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the input I will look in that hosting company, I do have spam assassin on and i have all my emails going throught and alot of my workstations still get alot of virus, we are running trend micro as the virus scann and i has a scan set up on post script.
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Are your workstations being infected with viruses or do you have a lot of incoming viruses that are being blocked by your local/workstation anti-virus?
invercAuthor Commented:
my workstations are being infected  as well some are being bolck at the workstations but not enough, and LOTS of spam
One virus getting past your anti-virus is too many.  I haven't used Trend Micro, though it's supposed to be quite good.  I've most often used Symantec (something like this - and while it blocks incoming viruses on a regular basis, nothing has ever gotten through (so far).  Of course, you have to keep the virus definitions up to date religiously.  This is the case with Trend Micro as well.

In terms of spam, how much spam do you consider LOTS?  I get about 10-15 spam emails per day on my various email addresses, but when I turn off Spam Assassin, it goes up to about 100-150 (or more).  If you're looking at switching to Hostway, you can see how their anti-spam setup works, but if you are protected by both Spam Assassin and www.emailfiltering, most of the spam should be filtered out.  You may want to look at something like MailWasher (, a spam blocker that installs on your local system/workstation.  It works pretty well.
I agree wholeheartedly with much of what Humeniuk has had to say;  I also use Symantec/Norton Antivirus with great success.  Others swear by McAfee, and still others rave over Panda.  These are workstation solutions;  I would firmlly recommend that the workstations as well as the server have anti-virus protection.  I would also recommend using a good personal firewall product, such as ZoneAlarm ( ) and periodically running a good 'spyware' scanner, such as Spybot Search and Destroy or Lavasoft's AdAware.

I get *tons* of spam on a daily basis, but that's mostly due to managing many servers, with many publicly published email addresses (on web sites, etc.).  SpamAssassin can be very good, but you need to constantly 'train' it on the bad emails that get through.

If you use MailScanner, be careful.  A lot of spam these days come through spoofing the from line as being from a legitimate email holder.  MailScanner works by whitelistng and blacklisting email addresses - you need to make certain on a regular basis that the email isn't from a legitimate name.  I stopped using mailscanner for that reason, myself -- too much spoofed spam.
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