changing your domain name

Is this more trouble than it's worth? I want to change my domain name. I have trust enabled with other forests as well as a few clients .  

Any links or info appreciated.
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Hi Dissolved (Dan)
It is possible but only within certain circumstances and I wouldn't recommend it. What's the problem with the current domain name? A better solution may be to simply migrate to a new domain,

How to Rename the DNS Name of a Windows 2000 Domain
The Active Directory Migration Tool.
Active Directory Migration Tool Overview
Active Directory Migration Tool v.2.0
Active Directory Migration Tool 2.0 Interactive Simulation

Deb :))

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Yes it is possible as Deb says.  However I agree with Deb, I would not recommend it.  I have a few clients who had renamed their domains and have had many issues arising from it. They too had trusts with other forests and it turned out to be way more trouble than it was worth. Hope this helps :)
dissolvedAuthor Commented:
Hey Deb whats up?  sos here.

wow no thanks on the rename! thanks for the links though.
I will just start from fresh if I have to.
Im trying to buy a domain name and set up an exchange server. Doesnt my domain name need to match the internet name I buy?
Lol - Hey Dan - no it doesn't - you can buy a domain name called say and call your internal domain mydomain.local - the crucial issue amounts to dns and resolution. If you have the same internal as external domain name you invariably end up with split dns, so you'll need to make additional configuration changes to be able to resolve say an external domain name internally. With exchange the issue I believe relates to how the external public addresses are resolved relating to mx records and dns servers and unfortunately that's not my field. If you need advice on that I suggest you post in the exchange channel as the guys in there are dead hot at that kind of thing and will be able to advise you,

Deb :))
dissolvedAuthor Commented:
time to go out and have some fun. Been studying too much.
have a good night Deb
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