Install XP from Dell Disk on Non Dell machine

I have a windows XP Key and license that I am not using from My dell Laptop, that we installed Win2K on.  I want to use the XP license I have for another machine, but only have the dell disk to work with, and can't get it to install on an HP machine, because it looks for dell bios I presume.  Is there a workaround for this?  I only want to be able to use the product that I have licensed already.
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Hello tonyraymond =)

Actually what you have is an OEM disk from Dell and OEM disks are licensed to use ONLY with the product they come with.... you are not allowed to use them on another system.... so what you are trying to do is neither possible and nor allowed!!

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Ummm well what you are asking is to circumvent a vendors End user license agrreement which this site is not allowed to do. SOrry
You may find a workaround, but using it is not legal.

THat copy of XP that dell supplied to you, is liscenced to that notebook, and the liscence is non transferrable.

Call Microsoft, and they MAY feel pity on you, but in either instance, you would need a retail XP CD.
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Umm acctually it is possible to use OEM's on other machines, however it takes a hacking technigue that is considered illegal.
The Dell XP installation discs checks for a Dell BIOS . . if it does not see it, the install will not continue.

I actually had a Gateway OEM where everything hit the dust but the hard drive and the processor. I rebuilt it, purchasing new components, and the existing OEM disk worked; the only problem I had was with activation, and MS solved that problem for me. Are you receiving any particular error message, or is it simply stopping?
Totally different situation yardgames.

1 Liscence, 1 machine, you kept yours, he wants to transfer the liscence.
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