2 servers on the same network !?

i have a network station, and i have a server who give connection to this network on range of IP's , the questions is if i put another server on the same network and use another range of IP's like this will cause anyproblem in the network ? because i want that in the same network some computers take internet connection from a company A and the others connection from company B.
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Depends whether you want to use DHCP
You can generally only have 1 dhcp server on a network.
If you want to use fixed IPs, then no problem.
Best plan is to have the two networks separated.

(X) = router (each does DHCP for local LAN)
[] = PC
(F) = Firewall (performs NAT functions and other traffic control)
z = Internet connection

         /                             \
    /  |  \                          /  |  \
  / |  |  | \                     / |  |  | \
/   |  |  |  \                  /   |  |  |  \
[] [] [] [] []                 [] [] [] [] []
Network A                    Network B

This means you'll need a capable firewall with two WAN ports and two LAN ports.  Each router has two WAN ports and a switch/hub (or LAN port that goes to a switch).  The rotuers run DHCP for the local segments and have routes to the other LAN segments.  They also have a default gateway (for non-192.168.x addresses) for the firewall.  If you don't have a dual wan firewall or don't want possible load sharing, go with separate firewalls, it won't matter to the routed LANs as they are connected already.

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ehh I really wanted to say something on this topic but I think AutoSponge told everyting what could be told....
Every idea fits his diagram.
Of course you could insert a second server with two network cards and told him to listen on only one card (speeking of a 2 dhcp-servers) and to the second one connect the first server, or filer dhcp requests, BUT it's still variation of above diagram...
You could... no it fits the diagram too.... Good job AutoSponge :)

Mouhamad I think You have any information you need

I assume you still want both the 2 section of your lan to be able to access each others files and resources

What i would suggest is dividing the following:

1. Disable DHCP on both Gateway/Servers

2. all the computers on ISP group A should have static IP address and gateway of the range: 192.168.0.x and gateway of

they should have a secondary IP address of the range 192.168.1.x

3. all the computers on ISP group B should have static IP address and gateway of the range: 192.168.1.x and gateway of

they should have a secondary IP address of the range 192.168.0.x

That way you can have users on the same LAN but using different ISP connections

Hope it works
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