CompactFlash Card - Get rid of Read-Only

I have a 16MB CompactFlash card that I use with my digital camera. I reformatted the card on my Windows XP machine to FAT. When I put the card in the camera, it says it's not recognized. And then when I put the card in my PC to access it, it says it is copy-protected. I'm guessing I should have formatted the card on the camera rather than my PC because of different storage architecture. But since I did format it on my PC, it made it read-only and I can't do anything with it now. How do I make it so the card is not read-only? Then I should be able to put it in my camera and format it on that.
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Rok BrnotCommented:
Flash Format supports all ATA compliant and SD compliant storage devices, including:

    * Compact Flash Cards
    * Secure Digital (SD) Cards
    * Multimedia Cards (MMC cards)
    * Microdrives (including 2GB and 5GB large capacity media)
    * SmartMedia cards and Memory Sticks
    * PCMCIA memory cards.


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DigeratiAuthor Commented:
LucF, on their site it says:

"the full featured storage card management utility for Windows Powered Pocket PC and Handheld PC devices." And when I go to download the trial version, it asks what kind of PDA I have. Is this a program for your PDA or your PC? I'm hoping I can reformat it using my memory card reader, not by sticking it into a PDA.
LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:

I'm just at your question as a Cleanup volunteer, and I'd appreciate it if you'd respond to the suggestion made by rbrnot.
Personally I'm not really into Flash storage devices, I'm more knowledgable in HDD and RAID system.
For what I do know about Flash storage devices, they need to be formatted the right way, zero filling might be a good option. But the suggestion made by rbrnot seems to be a good way of getting the flash disk in good shape again.

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DigeratiAuthor Commented:
Yes, sorry I realized that after I posted and noticed no edit option. It was directed toward rbrnot or anyone else who would know.

What's zero filling?
LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:

Sorry about the misunderstanding on my part :)

Zero filling is exactly what it sais, fill the drive with only zero's so all partition tables etc are removed.
I just did a quick search but I can't find anything on zerofilling compactflash cards, I'm not sure if tools are created for these.

But, as you have winXP, you might want to try removing all partition information using disk management:
Right-click "My computer" => "Manage" => "Storage" => "Disk management"
There check wich one is your compact flash card, right-click it and choose "Delete Partition"
Don't create a new partition, instead put the flash card into your camera and try formatting it from there.

LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Any update on this?
I'll post a final recommendation to the Moderators in a few days.

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