Video Game back up - How to?

Hi everyone,

Im new to the cd back up thing.  I am interested is backing up some video game cd's that im about to store away, just in case they get damaged.  I'll be keeping the originals, but prefer not to have to get them out of storage if I dont need to.  Any help is appreciated.

PS.  I am guessing that a simply cd copying program like Nero wont work so I havent tried it.   Is there any copy-protection involved?  Thanks,

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Here is what I do.

I use Roxio's Copy CD feature. Nero should have a similar function. I but a blank RW or CDR in the CD writer and put the original CD in the DVD/CD reader and then use the COPY the CD function to burn the original to a new disk. Then I put the original in a Safe Deposit box and keep the copy version on hand in case I need it.
Most games do use some form of cd protection that will botch direct copies from the likes of Nero, the above comment from CrazyOne will not work on such games.

Some of the more popular methods of protection include:

Lock Blocks
Dummy Files

You'll have to check the laws of your country to see whether it's legal to make back-up copies of software CD's. In a lot of cases it's not. In any event, this is not a forum where you'll get an answer to pirating software without repurcussions for the commenter.

Hi Planetjewlery ;)
There is a solution to your problem, I have used it myself since I know that I keep throwing CD's around and my disc tend to get damages. The solution is Clone CD, with this you can make backups of games, data cd's and more.
For instance, I've made successful backups of all my games and currently they are in a tight sealed CD case deep in my closet :)
The best of all? The program is free to use, check for the downloadable file.
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Ummm no offense BjornEricsson but CloneCD implores some techingues that legally speaking are questionable in the US. Consumers using this program may find themselves in violation of US patent and copyright laws. If there is one thing the RIAA has shown is that copyright laws are upholdablbe and violating them can lead one to heavy duty punishment.
planetjewelryAuthor Commented:
1)  I thought it was legal to back up a game that I legally own?  

2)  I remember reading about a program that stores the game on the hard drive which allows me to play the game that way without using the cd.  This is especially good for those games that have multiple cd's.  (Like Baldure's Gate which has 5 or 6 cd's).  this way you dont have to swap cd's a bunch of time during game play.  Would this be the same as "backing up" a game?

>>>Would this be the same as "backing up" a game?

No not exactly. But if you can get it on the hard drive then you should be able to back it up

also take a look at these.


virtual cd 

and here

just for games

Original CD Emulator,10615,99622,00.html

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No - it's not legal, but is widely practiced. Game distributers in many cases will provide you with a new CD should your original become overly deteriorated or damaged.

You'll have to check individual game EULA's to see whether HDD copies of the game CD are permitted.
Ummm backing up software and such is being very much contested in the US Legislator. Yeah I agree I should be abled to backup for archive purpose things that I purchase like computer programs. Yeah I feel I should have the right to archive as long as I don't distripute the said software but only use it as archive purposes. However this has become a grey area in the legal arena. At this time the legal eagles on the vendors side has the upper edge but that doesn't meam they are correct. But at this time one must be careful and not assume that it is ok to archive unless the so called vendor HAS explicitly OK'ed archiving.
Note: 'contested' being the key term.
The best CD copying software on the market right now is alcohol 120%.  It currently has been able to make copies of all my CD's no matter the copy protection.  As for running the games off the harddrive, that involves the Virtual CD drive built into alcohol 120%.  It works by creating a CD-image of your orignal CD and mounts it just like it where a real CD.  Since you said video games, i am hoping you mean PC video games.  If you mean copying consol games suich as the ones for the PS1 or other systems you need a MOD chip installed in these systems before thoughs games will work.  alcohol 120% has a free trial which you can download
alcohol 120% site:
Yeah according to the disclaimer of Alcohol 120%

"Due to the present legal restrictions DVD titles protected with CSS protection cannot be backed up."

Again in the US it is illegal to backup DVD or CD's that have this protection embedded.
planetjewelryAuthor Commented:
yes i mean pc games. not consols.  i'll check out some of the links above as well.  
planetjewelryAuthor Commented:
thanks everyone - the info provided helped a bunch.

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