Need new graphics card

I have a two year old Gateway E-4000,Pentium 4,512 DDR ram, with an NVIDIA GeForce MX 440.  I play a lot of games but lately this graphics card has been rejected by two new games I have purchased, primarily Medal of Honor Pacific Assault.  The game will install but will not recognise the Direct X (9.0) in my card.  Is my graphics card outdated already?  What would be a good replacement card that will be around for a while but still play my older games?  Where is the best place to purchase a new card?
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Here are two good places to buy vid cards.

I am not sure on what is the current good card out there on the market since it changes all of the time.  I always look to tom's hardware to update me on the latest.

Here is a link for that.

FYI  ---- I have a ATI 9600 pro and it still seems to do the job for my games.  The latest game I have been playing is Madden 2005 on the pc.

Good Luck.
Normally a newer version of Direct X are backwards compatible, the newest version from MS is currently 9.0c and it should run fine with games based on even 8.0a.
I think the problem with your current videocard is not the compabillity with Direct X but the fact that you probably have
Direct X 8.0a, or older installed. You can check this by running dxdiag.exe or simply download 9.0c from Microsoft.
As you have an Nvidia card and do play a lot of games, it is wise to download Detonator drivers from Nvidia to optimize performance. The problem however, migh be the assigned 64 Mb DDR SDRAM on the card it does have the same bandwidth as the later Geforce 3 Ti200 but has the GPU clocked to 270 MHz.

You can go to and download a benchmark program to see how many FPS (Frames Per Second) you would get with your current card and my guess would be that you end up around 25-30 FPS with your system.

To run a game such as MOHAA - Pacific Assault, you would need at least 45-50 FPS to make life easier, since you say you play a lot of games the ideal cards would be the ATI Radeons X-Series, pricey, but worth it.
fishunit9Author Commented:
  I have the latest Direct X 9.0 installed and like you said most games work even though they require less than 9.0.  I have all the other Medal games and all have worked without problem.  I bought this game online and box specs read NVIDIA GeForce 3 or greater except GeForce 4 MX.  I recent purchased another game online that said the same thing.  I downloaded the benchmark program @MajorGeeks but could not get it to run.  As you can probably tell, I'm a minor geek.
As you should know you Graphic card is an old one - even the GF3 is more powerful that the MX's.
When nVidia just announced those card may say that it was wrong to lunch those cards under the GF4 name and they all where right since it misled people to think that those are good card - but only the 4XXX in the GF4 are strong once.

I highly recommend you to get a new one since it looks like you like computer games and especially shooters where the GPU must be first class to give you quick respond in heavy "under fire situations".
I recently bought the ATI Radeon 9800pro with is buy this time the best offer both by price and performance.
As you know the late line is the X800 by ATI (and the 6XXX by nVidia ) buy as all front line cards the price is very high and the games needed those card are not out yet, the 5XXX of nVidia lose for the 9XXX of ATI almost in every benchmark so for that generation the ATI is defiantly superior.

If the price of the 9800pro is to much for you you can take the 9800 or the 9600pro - below tat rank you will soon notice (as new games will arrive) a slow done in the card performance and I guess you need it for 2-3 years at least!

Hope I helped with the issue - for more information I suggest great place with great reviews.


(sorry if there spell error - not a native english... :)

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I too use nVida but it's RIVA TNT pro and I also use the latest direct-x, drivers and tweaks of all kinds. I noticed that some games that were fine went awry. They are not working ' the screen flickers in the middle to a few inches below '. It could be because of the nVidia drivers. Check for WHQL drivers. Also see if all accelerations are enabled in the direct-x immediately after running the game ' Alt+Tab '. Sometimes they get disabled tempararily depending upon the compatibility issues. If you are sure that you looked for the errors from the game help,..etc; then it is likely that it all comes to some errors mentioned above. Look for it. On many ocations I found the solutions all
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