Windows Firewall Detection Software

The company I work for has Windows based software for the consumer market which uses an online licensing scheme.

We include information for our customers to setup several major firewalls to allow our software to connect to the internet and allow the licensing process to take place.

We find that quite a few of our customers either do not know that they have firewall software installed, or do not know which firewall software is installed on their computer.

Is there any application available that our customers would be able to run on their computer, and have their specific firewall software detected?
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marcin79Connect With a Mentor Commented:
tonyteriConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That's a tough one.  I would say you are better off directing them to task manager, but even still you'd have to have the processes read to you.  

Or you could install sp2 on there pc's and you'll know it's windoes firewall.

syntaxmishapAuthor Commented:
tonyteri - Unfortunately, our userbase is generally not very computer literate, so having them read off a list of processes from task manager would be a bit over their head.

To clarify, it is not in our interest to ensure that they have a firewall, just to determine which firewall that may be, if they have one.
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for me - remotly not possible
ezSoftwareConnect With a Mentor Commented:
One word of warning - if they're not computer literate, and you're having them install Firewall Detection software, you run the risk of creating a bigger support nightmare if the Firewall Detection software causes a problem.  Hopefully you can find a lightweight app that supports your needs.
syntaxmishapAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your input.

I'm going to go ahead and split the points, as it looks like it the best route will be to put together firewall detection functionality in house to integrate with the app in question.

With any luck it won't be too much of a hassle. Heh =)
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