Possible MS Virus-Affects outlook, Word and Front page-very weird

When i open ms outlook 2003 and click on the inbox the app closes out. I can navigate the other folders but when i go to in box it closes out

When i open ANY word doc or frontpage it opens and imiidiatly closes out.

When i go to the control panel i cannot opne the properties for mail but i can access then through outlook.

also, i have xp with sp2 and when i go to the CP i can open the settings for the firewall but when i click on tabs 2 or 3, it closes out imiidiatly...

any thoughts?

OE works and so does excel and ppt....

i did a virus scan with up to date definitions, it found 3 files and deleted them but did not say i was infected...i always have up to date defs and anytime i hot a webpage that has a virus it blocks its access form the pc...
im not having any other issues just the few problems with the apps closing....

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I see multiple issues here some with office applications and some cos of SP2.

Is your office a fresh installation or you have been having for quite sometime..

do you know when this error started to occur.

have you tried to reinstall office 2003 and see if that would help ?

login to safe mode and see if you can access all the ones that you are not able to access in normal mode..

post back
Scan for virus using these methods in safe mode

a) Update your virus definitions in your Anti-virus and run it.

b) Download Stinger from here : http://vil.nai.com/vil/stinger/  and run it.

c) Use this Online virus scanner also : http://housecall.trendmicro.com/ 

Are you sure you are not getting any errors when your outlook closes ?

www1122Author Commented:
not a fresh install, new pc, got in about 4 months ago.
SP2 installed last 2 weeks, no other issues
no error messages.
B-running it now

Errors started today as a  matter of fact.
i have black ice network defendor and i tinkered with the application protection settings however i disabled this and the issues still occurr.

i will try safe mode, whats the command to go into safe mode?
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When you restart the system ,press F8 and you will get the boot menu
select safe mode in that

if that doesnot work , check for other options here

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www1122Author Commented:

ran the stinger and it said that all files were clean
i botted into safe mode and tried all the apps and they worked.
i also dis abled the app protection scan and restarted windows and everything works fine..that wierd!

thanks alot!

you get all the points!
Glad you got it fixed.

Since you have Sp2 , some programs may not work. For that your options would be to find an update for the software making it compatible with Sp2 or if there is no like that and you badly  need that software , you can uninstall Sp2.
uninstalling sp2 for this might sound not an expert idea so before that confirm from the company (from wherever you got that program) about compatibility issues

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