Harddisk shorting 12v line

I have a harddisk that a moved from one PC to another. When it is connected to a power cable on the second PC, the PC won't start.
On an earlier question stockhes told me this was the harddisk shortening the 12v line.
My question now is, is there a way to get this disk going again, even for a short time, so I can get some data from it? For example, might an external casing with a USB connection be a workaround? Or any other solution (for I can't get the hardware for that as soon as I need)?
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What OS is on this disk? And what do you mean it wont start? You need to be specific. If the OS is Win2000 or XP yeah it will have problems starting in a machine that the OS was not originally installed in
eblonkAuthor Commented:
The OS is Windows XP. But what I try to do is to add it to a PC that already has XP Pro running to copy some files from the disks (documents and spreadsheets mainly), So the OS on the disk I'm trying to get connected does not need to run it's OS, I just need some data off it.

It won't start means that as soon as I connect the faulty disk to the new PC (just the power, not even the IDE cable) only the PC's powerlight will turn on, but the rest (fans, disks etc) don't respond. I understood that is caused by the faulty disk shortening the 12v line (that powers, among other things, the fans).
Hi Eblonk :-),
First I would suggest that you check that disk throughout, start with this site http://www.hitachigst.com/hdd/support/download.htm and download the DFT tool.
If you get anything else than 0x00, that means that your drive is faulty.
This tool normally checks for powerfailures as well.
 I would also suggest that you check so you've got the "faulty" drive as slave in the system, boot up and see if you can access the second harddisk via the operating system. If this is not possible, why not download a bootdisk, http://www.bootdisk.com or create a bootable CD, http://www.nu2.nu/pebuilder/ and see if you can recover the data you need from DOS mode.
Sounds strange that it should fail due to faulty 12v connector, have you check the acctual pins?
Stupid as it might sound, try remove all additional powersources, i.e case fans, LED's, just about anything that might steal power. It might be your PSU which can't handle the drive.
Other than that, it should work if you can connect a USB drive but I would think that you might need to reset your BIOS first and make sure your USB legacy is enable there.
Hope this helps somewhat,
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Don't get hung up on the 12volt issue. It could be that the disk is no longer opperational. If so then the disk is dead.
eblonkAuthor Commented:
Can a dead disk stop a system from starting by being attached to power?
As to Bjorn's solution: as soon as I attach the harddisk to a power connector (even without attaching it to the IDE cable) the system remains dead (not even the fans, let alone the BIOS etc). Therefore I can't get a running system.
Well yeah I had one disk that prevented the system from starting. In fact it would completely shut down the system. Could of been a short in the HDD that cause this.
On each power unit today, there is a mechanisem to prevent shot and if a hard drive is shorting the circuit, you may have problems in the electrical circuit within the hard drive. Did you try to operate the hard drive on another PC? Just to verify that the power unit is not failing to provide power to that part...

In some cases, you can replace the circuit but its a bit tricky...


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eblonkAuthor Commented:
Yes, I did. The other PC works with it's original frive but as soon as the problem drive is connected to the power, nothing.
I'm afraid replacing the circuitry might be the only solution but I'd have to leave it to hardware or diskrecovery pro's to prevent further damage.
Thank you all. Got to go, will hand out the points asap.
Before you give up entirely, try this:

Place HDD on a nonconductive surface (not touching metal), connect data and power cable, and try to boot.  Drive may be grounding to chassis instead of internally.  If PC will boot with this configuration, you can retrieve data.

eblonkAuthor Commented:
I will try that one. I'll not be able to be on the net or working on my PC for a while, so that'll probably be next weekend. But I'll definitely give it a try.
The owner of the disk said this morning it was ok, he now has another way of getting the data back.

Checking the messages I see I forgot to mention that it started when the power supply blew up. Probably because the power socket wasn't grounded the PC got a fair beating. I had this happening with grounded sockets (PC's that were set to 110v while we have 220v here) and I could just replace the power supply and continue without other damage.
Rather significant fact omitted.
eblonkAuthor Commented:
Yes, indeed. I don't know how I forgot to mention this for it was what started it. Must have been that I was pressed for time and worked until the early morning followed by too few hours of sleep. Anyway, thanks and I split the points evenly between everyone who responded, for every answer held useful information for this and future problems.
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