sound forge 7.0

does anyone know how to import mp3's into sound forge, we want to create individual tracks from a full mp3 file, we are using sound forge 7, and xp pro

if not sound forge are there any other excellent programs that will do the same thing

thanks in advance, Joan
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File > Open, Make sure "Files of type" is set to "All known media files", browse to your mp3 files and open.
joanbAuthor Commented:
once you imnport the mp3 into sound forge, how do you make individual tracks from a full mp3 using sound forge and save them as tracks, we've look under Help - Contents & Index in the sound forge program and can't figure out how to do this

any help is appreciated
thanks, Joan
If there is empty space between the tracks you want to create this should work:

Open the file you want to split and go to Process > Auto Trim/Crop. In the Trim/Crop dialogue, select "Remove silence between phrases (creates regions). Press OK

Now go to Tools > Extract Regions. Select all the regions, choose a destination folder and a file name and then press extract.

If you have Nero Burning Rom, the included wav editor makes it even easier:

Open the mp3 file you want to split into tracks. Go to Edit > Pause detection. Select "Insert Track Splits" and press OK. Then go to Edit > Save tracks as files, choose a destination, select all and  press OK.

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joanbAuthor Commented:
yukele, the information you have provided has been a huge help, but whenever we use sound forge as per your instructions we seem to get a lot of very small files in the destination folder,they are very smalll wave files( just kb's) , a few are in MB's , even though there's only 12 track on the album we are getting up to 25 files in the destination folder, not sure why

when we use nero some of the mp3's in the destination forlder have 2 songs connected together, they have not been separated, not sure what we are doing wrong here either

your help has been much appreciated, Joan
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Tell Nero Wave Editor to look for smaller blank spaces:

Go to Edit > Pause Detection, change the "Minimal Pause Length" to less the than the default 2.0 seconds.  When you press OK in Pause Detection, it puts vertical lines with a track number at the bottom. If you see a track that didn't get a track marker lower the minimal pause legnth until it gets a track marker. When you are satisfied with the track divisions, then go to edit > save tracks as files...

Hope this helps
Why use SoundForge at all? There are softawre that are tailor made for the job. Besides, while doing it with SoundForge there is a loss of quality, which doesn;t happen with these tools.
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