Help! always Reboot instead of shutdown

Whenever i shutdown my pc whether my means of using start->shutdown or by pressing the power button, it always restart back.

I think this is not the problem with the os cause i've used 3 OS: linux, windows XP pro, Windows Server 2003 Enterprise, and the same thing happened.

i want to find a way that make my pc shows a message "It is now safe to turn off your computer", So i can press the power button for a few second and it will shutdown completely.

Please show me how to do this or may be recommend a software that can do this.

Currently i'm using windows server  2003 enterprise.

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Have you contacted the vendor of the machine? Perhaps the machine is at fault. Look in the BIOS for any setting that may affect this. If it does change it so reponds the way that you want it to respond. Otherwise contact the vendor of the machine and/or BIOS
mrpc_cambodiaAuthor Commented:
Errh! this is an old machine. one time the motherboard had problem,so i bought a new Pentium 3 board to replace it. and since then the problem starts to happen.

I don't think there will be any support from the vendor cause this is old model, clone.

It will help if u can tell me how to enable "It is now safe to turn off the computer" message.

Thanks anyway,

Hmmm if the BIOS and the chips and the motherboard don't support this then I don't of way to make it happen. As far as Windows OS's go this message does not apply most of the time. The machine just turns off. If if doesn't then there is a problem with the BIOS or the chip. Look at the BIOS and see if there are any settings that can be configured to change how this machined reacts to such commands. Your system may be defective or just is not compliant to such reguests.

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