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I think I was cheated by Godaddy.com

I am going to make a big complain of www.godaddy.com. But first of all, I need your opinion, Experts.

I bought the domain name cep-ht.org in www.godaddy.com.

My idea was to buy cep.org.ht (through www.nic.ht) and then FORWARD TO cep-ht.org (domain name that I bought and host in Godaddy.com). I ASKED Godaddy IF I could do that. That was what I've been told for Godaddy BEFORE I bought cep-ht.org (I keep all its emails):

Godaddy said to me:
" 1. You can forward the domain name cep-ht.org to www.cep.gouv.ht or www.cep.org.ht as long as cep-ht.org is parked on our servers"

" 2. You can buy webhosting for www.cep.gouv.ht and/or www.cep.org.ht, however, both of those domain names would need to remain registered at their current registrar. All you would need to do is point the domain name server to our default hosting servers."

"3. My best suggestion is to keep your domain names with the .org.ht tlds  at the current registrar and forward them from there, because we currently do not register nor transfer .org.ht tlds."

After buying cep-ht.org, I did buy cep.org.ht. Then I tried cep.org.ht FORWARD TO cep-ht.org. But it CAN NOT BE done.
After this, what has Godaddy said to me? This one:

" The domain www.cep.org.ht can not be forwarded to the hosting account. You will have to forward traffic from cep.org.ht to the domain cep-ht.org."

My questions are:
1. Did Godaddy lied to me? (I think they did cheat on me)
2. How can I accomplish "forward traffic from cep.org.ht to the domain cep-ht.org" ? Who has to do it? The registrar of cep.org.ht or Godaddy.com ?

Thank you very much for your help,
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3 Solutions
I don't think GoDaddy cheated you.  You can forward www.cep.org.ht to www.cep-ht.org, but it has to be done via the cep.org.ht registrar.  Generally this is something you configure yourself in your domain control panel in your registrar's website.  If this feature isn't available in your domain control panel (or you're not sure), contact www.nic.ht (the contact info is at www.nic.ht/info/contacts.cfm) and ask them how you can configure this yourself or if they can configure it for you.

Other ways to do this:
(1) configure DNS to forward one domain to the other;
(2) set up simple hosting for www.cep.org.ht and then use PHP or ASP to redirect;
(3) configure your webserver to redirect (you do this with a .htaccess file in Apache, it's a bit different in IIS)

Ideally, you want to use a 301 Redirect (permanent redirect).  If you have further questions about any of these methods, please ask.  The bottom line, it can be done fairly easily.  GoDaddy didn't cheat you - as the registrar of the destination domain name (and not the redirected domain name), the configuration for this is out of their hands.  It has to be done via your cep.org.ht registrar or with one of these other methods.
Rosa2003Author Commented:
Thanks, humeniuk.
www.nic.ht tried to configured the forward issue, but they wrote me this problem:

"The domain www.cep.org.ht has already been approved but there is a problem when I try to get www.cep-ht.org by his IP adresse :, I couldn't get the page, could please you have the people at  Jomax.net  to configure the domain cep.org.ht on their dns servers:
Primary Server Namer: WSC1.JOMAX.NET
IP Address:
Secondary Server Name: WSC2.JOMAX.NET
 IP Address:
So that the domain  www.cep.org.ht can be online."

Godaddy domain's cep-ht.org has as IP number (at least that was it says on the domain information).

If I type www.cep-ht.org on my web browser, the web site displays fine.

If I ping www.cep-ht.org, I get as IP number.

But if I type on my web browser, it displays just error page.

What is going on with the IP number? I supposed it has to be something wrong with IP number and that's why www.nic.ht can't FORWARD from cep.org.ht TO cep-ht.org
If you try to use the IP number, you won't get the website because it's probably shared hosting, ie. several websites on the same server using the same IP address.  The web server uses the browser's URL to determine which of the websites hosted there to serve.  Therefore, www.nic.ht needs to redirect www.cep.org.ht to the domain www.cep-ht.org, NOT it's IP address.  They should be able to forward to the domain as easily as to the IP address.
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Humeniuk is exactly correct - shared hosting will show the first domain configured.  You need to contact jomax.net to have them add ServerAliases  for www.cep.org.ht and cep.org.ht for your virtual hosting.
FYI - jomax.net = godaddy.com
AH!  Thanks, Humeniuk - I think we've hit upon the crux of the issue, then.

As GoDaddy is a competing registrar, I would expect that you would have needed to register the domain through them in order to be able to use a domain as an alias to other web hosting.

There are other solutions that you could employ, however.  If you locate free web hosting (preferably on an Apache web server) for the second domain, you could simply forward the www.cep.org.ht domain to existing Godaddy.com one, either by refresh meta tag, or better, by a .htaccess command of:

Redirect Permanent / http://www.cep-ht.org
Right, if www.nic.ht can't set up www.cep.org.ht to forward to www.cep-ht.org (rather than the IP), you have to use an alternative method like that.

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