Allow dynamically resized images to be stored in browser cache

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My website uses javascript and the gd 2 graphics library.  The javascript calculates the dimensions to resize the images to based on the user's screen resolution.  If you visit and then click on the yellow tab that says"tickets" you will notice that the header graphics and the yellow tab graphics are downloaded again.  

I am looking for a way to prevent this re-downloading from happening.  I want a way to tell the browser that these images should be stored in cache and do not need to be downloaded again.  Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.  I know this is a very difficult question.

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I looked at the website and I think you should have the header as a different frame..! this way it will download just onece and will remain there... rest of the processing can be completed in the bottom frame where you need to navigate...

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Instead of using freams I beleive IFrame is better choice
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