Ad-aware 6 log questions

I run Ad-aware 6 now and then and try to get rid of some annoying stuff, I was suggested by others to do this, but I have no idea what stuff I am trying to get rid of, I want to know more about this, could any body explain it a bit to me?

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kindyAuthor Commented:
BTW, everytime after running ad-aware , I just delete all files that the ad-aware found, is that a good ? I mean, even without looking at what files they are.

Also, is there any software(best free) to stop those annoying stuff got into my system so that I even don't need to run ad-aware everytime myself? I am kinda lazy...Thanks
Some websites and programs install bits of code in your computer which can compromize your privacy without your knowing. Ad-ware is usually purposed to track your web surfing habits. This information is then sent to the originating party where it's sold to marketing companies. The info is then used to for targeted advertising.
Check out Spybot S&D: it stops a lot of this kind of stuff in it's tracks.
95% of the files you will be finding are just cookies.  They are not dangerous, just annoying.  Unfortunately, the 5% can be very dangerous.  It's because of these you are advised to run programs like ad-aware frequently...just in case!

They are all pretty much the same - ad-aware, spybot, Spyware Doctor, etc etc.  None of them are perfect and so, just to annoy further, it is recommended that you run more than one...just to make sure!

I use a commercial version of ad-aware.  The commercial version come with a companion program called ad-watch.  This excellent program actually detects when programs try to install themselves in the registry.  Since running this over six months ago, I haven't had a single 'nasty' attack succeed, even though I've had a few try.

If you want more information then I recommend you take some time to look through the various Spyware sites:



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