the best third party control for drop down combo

I'm looking at infragistics net advatage for a good dropdown combo (among other things). Am I on the right track? Any suggestions? My main gosl is a good multi column drop down combo (VS.NET doesn't provide one). Thanks in advance...
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You can do it in as follows:

Here is a third-party app control though...

Hi Misledman,

Infragistics has a combo called Wincombo. See also for ASP.NET

WinCombo: A free-standing, feature rich element that can display a multi-column list within a WinGrid Cell.  Some features include:

Run-time Row Filtering
Data Binding
Multi-Column Sorting
Same object model as WinGrid
Owner-Drawn Elements
Embeddable Editor Support

best 3rd part component i used is janus i used their grid in VB6 and now i am using their winforms suite in .NET. their controls work the best and is very easy to use. once you get accustomed to their setuo property window it makes alot of sense. their combo control is very nice and you can incorporate other objects like grids, calendars, multicolumn, image and text. i also have the infragistics controls but find it a little more limited and not as robust as the janus. download the trial and see for yourself.

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MisledmanAuthor Commented:
I thought I had deleted this post yesterady as no one had responded. I created another in the VB area. I'll award points anyways.

Thanks for the input caball..... I've been leaning towards the Infragistics Net Advantage. I'm testing it now a bit. I'll download the janusys and award points according.... Thanks for the advice....
MisledmanAuthor Commented:
And furthermore, wonder why Microsoft didn't provide the multi column functionality I seek. Don't they know we don't have enough time to extend the functionality ourselves? LOL
that's a good question you would think that since is their new development platform the look and feel would match their office products. but they don't and we end up with an out of the box gui that looks like it's from windows 3.1. my theory is microsoft does this to keep their third party manufacturers happy. they leave it to them to create controls and a market for their product.
MisledmanAuthor Commented:
The infragistics stuff is really COOL..... I'm gonna try the Janus stuff tomorrow and likely get one or the other. I'll post my opinion for future reaserchers..... The Infragistics stuff is gonna be REALLY hard to beat though. I'm impressed....
if you like infragistics janus is alot nicer, just run their Northwind Demo app and then look at the code sample they give you. most of the time its very little code. remember you will have to get use to configuring things like the grid using their design tool by right clicking the grid. i know infragistics uses a similar approach but the janus has way cooler features. one thing that is not advertised as much is the panel manager. this is one of the best controls for managing your gui. its basically a control that handles a multitude of panels(which can contain controls). i find it very useful to help create a single form approach for my apps like most new modern microsoft apps. be sure to check out the grids thoroughly its probably janus's most robust and best selling component in their suite.
MisledmanAuthor Commented:
I git the infragistics (Cheaper with more tools). However, I have found some issues I don't like. The web combo doesn't do type-ahead as expected. Adding data to the grid works but to do it the way I want, the learning curve is large. Some of the properties don't "take" with the designer. They will "take" if you do it in code though..... It's a good control, not as commercial grade as I would expect for a $400 control suite....
what did you think about the janus controls? my experience with infragistics was similar to yours where i found some of the functionality quirky.
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