computer will not connect to internet through ICS

Okay i have this laptop computer, dell 600 mhz, win xp pro, and i want to connect it to my broadband internet connection. I set up internet connection sharing on one computer, there are 2 NIC cards in the computer, one is hooked to the modem and the other is connected to an ethernet hub, which is connected to the laptop, and was connected to a win98se desktop until a few hours ago. The laptop could not get an ip address from the ICS computer, and it would not connect to the internet gateway. I know it isn't a prob with the connection, cuz i can see files and other computers on the network. I have Netbios, tcp/ip, ipx, and netbeui installed as well as microsoft print and file sharing. THe windows 98 computer could see the other 2 computers, but could also connect to the internet. I turned the firewalls off on all the computers, which changed nothing. SO i established that it isn't a problem with the connections, the internet connection, or the internet connection sharing, it is a problem with the laptop. So i connected the cable modem directly to the laptop computer, and it would not get an outside IP address. It would only get an automatic private address (i think is what it was called). I scanned for viruses and spyware/adware with Mcafee Virus scan and Ad-aware personal SE. I don't want to re-install windows, but i was considering it. Any suggestions? i only have 155 points right now, but i'll up it when i get more to like 250 or something when i get them
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I would recommend that you get a Cable/DSL router vs doing Internet Connection sharing.  For about 50 bucks it will save you a lot of heartache.  
collinwingetAuthor Commented:
okay i probably will get a router eventually, but you don't understand--- any internet through the ethernet that i hook up will not work. i tried at work where they have a router with dsl and it wouldn't connect, i tried to connect it directly to the modem, and i have it through ICS but nothing will work..
If you are not getting an IP address one of two things ,no dhcp communication or someting is wrong with the NIC.(reinstall the drivers or use a newer driver)

Go into run on the start menu and get into an MS-DOS screen.

Type in the following command

IPCONFIG /RELEASE  then press enter



if you aren't getting an ipaddress at ,then try adding a static ip.

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Try the following:

1.) check if you are set to use DHCP in your network properties, and not a static IP. release and renew the IP.

2.) check your machines DNS settings- are they set to come from the DHCP server, or statically setup?
-I would let this come down from DHCP rather than static assigning to be sure they are right.
-If you really want to make them static then double check that they are correct.

3.) post the following commands output:
ipconfig /all
route print

4.) Is your cable service using a dynamic IP? It may also be set to only give an IP to the particular
MAC address of your other machine. If you are testing this problem machine connected directly to
the cable modem you might want to try resetting the cable modem after you connect them to try
see if it will give an address to you after that.

collinwingetAuthor Commented:
its not static, i set it to automatically acquire ip address or whatever (dhcp) and also dns, I released and renewed ip addresses numerous times, i haven't done a "route print" yet, i don't know what that means, but i'll do it tomorrow and tell you what happens. yes, my cable service uses dynamic ip, but i'm pretty sure it will give an ip address to any MAC address, but only one ip address per account. I can hook it up to another computer (only one at a time) and it will give it an ip address and it will connect fine. I've reset the cable modem many times (every time i try something new) The computer was giving me an error message when i tried to "renew" ip addresses that said something like "the computer is trying to renew an ip that is not a sock" or something, i asked my comcast and they said that the winsock is damaged. I downloaded a winsock repair utility and repaired, and now it just says something to the effect of it won't get an ip address from dhcp or cannot contact dhcp or something. I uninstalled like all my programs except 3 that i need which are completely internet unrelated.
collinwingetAuthor Commented:
ps. I haven't tried the internet today, i have been working on other projects and the computer was disconnected from the network. I will check tomorrow to see if anything i've done has worked, and i will try the "route print" thing.
if that doesnt work you might want to check out this article:

Let me know how it goes! Good luck...

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collinwingetAuthor Commented:
i'll try. but my mom is taking away my computer until my grades go up so it may take a while before i can report on the results. so if the "abandoned" thingy shows up don't worry i'll be back
collinwingetAuthor Commented:
nevermind about the last message... okay my cmputer is working on the net now.. i'm on it right now. the tcp/ip thing worked great.. then i re-did the settings on the other computer and its working fine. thanx a ton
no problem! glad to help!
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