DropDown Menu where user can't edit

I am tring to add a drop down combo that will let the user pick from the drop downs but not allow them to edit the text property but I the programmer needs to control the .text property.  I use the text property to clear it when the reset is pressed. Also I am using the text property to input into the database.  I could use all the help I can get on this one.
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All you have to do is change the style property of a combo box to dropdown list.
daveatonAuthor Commented:
That is true but when you do. the text property is read only.
Ryan ChongCommented:
>>That is true but when you do. the text property is read only.
Interface wise, yes it's readonly, yet you still can change it programmingly, like:

Combo1.List(Combo1.ListIndex) = newValue

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You can also set the KeyAscii field to 0 so if the user tries to change the value nothing happens, but you are still able to select from the list.

We do this all the time.
daveatonAuthor Commented:
Ok thanks guys I split points because I figured out the answer I needed between two comments..

Here is how I fixed the problem

on my combo drop down, I changed the style property to dropdown but I still needed to clear results to a clear box, so I made a function that just  cleared and reinput the data into the dropdown box which cleared the .text value.

I was clearing the value like this..  cboDropDown.text ="" but when the style is in dropdown mode only it gave me a error about read only..

Well thanks guys, I got it working.
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