Multiple MX records for CPANEL Hosting accounts.


I have a 4 part question, where each part depends on the answer to the preceding part. I am assigning 500 points because of difficulty.

For redundancy purposes, I would like to set up multiple mail servers for "" in CPANEL web hosting interface.

I am familiar with the setting up of of multiple MX records and pointing them to the appropriate A record in the DNS zones. My concern is that if the CPANEL server loses connectivity, then even if I have setup multiple MX records in the DNS zone, they will be of no use as the DNS zone data would be down on the failed server, is that in fact correct?

If that is so, would I need dual servers in different data centers with the servers clustered and synchronised from cpanel, so that DNS changes on one server are replicated on the other server?

Would  I  need to set up actual email accounts on the backup email server as well as the primary server?

 Finally, will the client need to setup 2 different email accounts(, in Microsoft Outlook, for one email address.

Thanks for your help.

Godfrey Heron

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As to:

(A & B) If you are in accordance with the requirements for DNS you have at least a primary and secondary DNS server for the domain(s). The secondary is a slave to the primary which means that it has the same data and will respond to queries if the primary is down. This slaving is a function of DNS and operates at a level below CPANEL.

(C) If you want clients to be able to send/receive mail while the primary is down you will need email accounts on the backup server.

(D) Yes, if the goal is to avoid a single point of failure. You might be able to hack an IMAP/POP proxy (like Perdition) and have it switch requests to the backend if the primary is down. But then you'd have to arrainge to move mail from the backup server to the primary when the primay went back on line.


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