Laserjet 1200 toner not adhering to page until warm up

I have Laserjet 1200 and I have printing problem.
If the printer is not warmed up (nothing printed for 10-15 minutes), first several pages have toner that is not adhered to paper ad it can be wiped out from it. After the first page pages printed, I need to print another page or two for cleaning the toner remaining, and after that, printer works well. Also I am experiencing strange setback during printing (not sure if this problem is connected to first one).
Has anybody experienced similar problems?
Any suggestions for solution?

Thank you in advance.
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If the toner is rubbing off, it is because the printer`s fuser is not hot enough to melt it properly.
This can be caused by :

Damp paper ( paper absorbs moisture from the air around it.)
Faulty or dirty temperature sensor in the printer`s fuser section.
Paper trapped between the temperature sensor and the rollers in the fuser.
Thick paper, transparencies or card(over 100gsm) being used without setting the printer correctly for that media.
Damaged rollers or incorrect pressure in the fuser.

If it prints properly after the first few sheets, I would suspect that it is damp paper.
This can happen in cold environments, or warm hunid environments.
To test it, before printing, remove the top 10 sheets of paper from the tray.

Damp paper also causes curling, and if you lay a stack of paper on a flat surface, and look at the end, if it is dry, it should lay flat, if damp, there will be ripples and gaps between sheets.
ZnasevAuthor Commented:
Can you tell me where exactly is located the temperature sensor in fuser section?
The temperature sensor is usually a small wired sensor with a nonstick surface, that touches the top  surface of the heated (upper) roller. (sometimes there is a very small gap)
Sometimes there is one in the centre, sometimes there are 2, one in the middle and one at the end.
Ocassionally there may be one on the lower roller also.

If it is toner rubbing off, it is more likely to be damp paper or not enough pressure between the rollers.
It might also be a damaged roller.

Are yoiu sure that you are using the correct toner?

Different toners melt at different temperatures, depending on the model of printer, cheap substitutes often fail to work corrctly, and cause fouling to the rollers, and printed image offsetting.

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