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Editing linux files from windows

I'm very new to linux.
In my last linux session, before rebooting, I've mounted some hd and added to fstable file three lines.
After rebooting it said to me that there are some errors in the file system.
I would like to edit the fstable back to its previous content.
How can I do so from windows?
4 Solutions
Your probably better off to boot to a linux cd (either from your distribution or something like Knoppix).  Then mount your harddrive and make any changes you need.
> rebooting it said to me that there are some errors in the file system
Could you continue to login as root (so you can run fsck)?
If yes, then type root password and get shell prompt.
mount -o rw,remount /
and edit /etc/fstab.

If not, please provide which Linux you use. Fedora/RedHat, Mandrake, or SuSe?
Different Linux have different approach.

You should reboot in single mode
When you see the lilo (grub maybe) prompt, type init=/bin/sh
remount the root partition with mount -oremount /
After it has finish booting edit and modify /etc/fstab with vi

before you can login to your linux machine you have to enable sshd
find your sshd config file (usualy /etc/ssh/sshd ) and ad to listen adresses your Ip adress
and also type setup and in the system services menu enable sshd so it would start every time you reboot your machine. And you also need an ssh client that you can log in to your machine and execute command. One small program and good is putty, enter 'putty'
in google and you will find a putty.exe , download it and you can use it.

If you want to edit the file localy, login as root, and start mc(midnigth commander), If you don't have it installed , use other editor like vi(or vim) like vim /etc/fstab
press 'i' to enter insert mode, then edit, then press 'ESC' and finaly press ':w' to save the changes and ':q' to exit
hope that works
rzvika2Author Commented:
Thank you all,
actually, I've reboot and used the rescue mode, but it was appear that I haven't had the fstable file.
I've installed the Fedora3 again (took very quikly ;-) )
Thank you all!

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