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I have a directory that has sub directories and I need to find the oldest 10 files in each of the sub diretories, I have a command that does the search but it comes back with the 10 newest files
and I need the 10 oldest, what do I need to change.

command that I need to modify

# for dirs in `find /mail/queues/ -type d -depth` ; do echo $dirs; ls -Altr $dirs | tail -10; done


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You need to get rid of the "r" in your command, make it :

# for dirs in `find /mail/queues/ -type d -depth` ; do echo $dirs; ls -Alt $dirs | tail -10; done

man ls
to learn more details.


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Oops, my mistake.

yuzh is right.

# for dirs in `find /mail/queues/ -type d -depth` ; do echo $dirs; ls -Altr $dirs | tail -10; done
# for dirs in `find /mail/queues/ -type d -depth` ; do echo $dirs; ls -Alt $dirs | tail -10; done

As my experience, /mail/queue stores all the emails in queue and it doesn't have subdirectory. (Please correct me
if I were wrong)
So I will simply the script to
# ls -lt /mail/queues/ | grep '^-' | tail -10


Hi Wesly,

     The standard sendmail configuration use /var/spool/mqueue,  bt707 might use
multiple mail queues for the sendmail config, so it is possible to have subdirectories.

     see http://people.freenet.de/slgig/op_en/operations.html#queues

     for more details.
bt707Author Commented:
Thanks yuzh, I took the 'r' out as you said and that fixed it.

Yes we do have multiple directories, we use Sun One Iplanet and it uses on directory for each channel with about 12 to 20 sub directories, they get created automatically as needed.

Thanks agian,
You are welcome!
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