Windows XP SP2 - Internet Connection Sharing - Cannot browse internet on client - Baffled!

(Also entitled 'Why does Windows XP ICS hate me?')

I'm having trouble with ICS on two-computer network, both running XP SP2.

After running the Network Setup Wizard, and making additional manual configurations:

The host is configured with:
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway: <blank>
DNS Server: (as per ISP setup instructions)

The client is configured with:
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
DNS Server:

* ping works OK.

* BUT ping, say the IP address of Google, fails (Request timed out).

* Checking for Winsock corruption using the netdiag tool finds no corruption (the test passess successfully).

* File/print sharing works perfectly; can play games across the network perfectly.

* Firewalls (Windows and ZoneAlarm) have been disabled (on the host).

However, the Internet cannot be accessed from the client computer.
I'm baffled, any suggestions?

Kind regards,

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That's one of the the reasons why I use AnalogX Proxy. You'll also like it, no tedious configuration procedure required:

Using AnalogX Proxy to share an Internet Connection in a network:

Configuring internet based applications to use the AnalogX Proxy:
Are u using a dial-up connection on the host?
are you using a cross over cable or a router??....or are you having the problem after you upgraded to Windows XP SP2???....please learn me up on this ASAP and I could probably help you out with this problem.....cheers....
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Can you actually browse the internet on the server? From what you post about your config it would appear your default gateway is empty (Not setting itself to anything automatically)

Also try Uninstalling ZoneAlarm, even disabled or turned off it has been known to cause problems, ZoneAlarm (Version 5 especially) can cause no end of problems..

Also check in the "Services" applet that the "Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) / Internet Connection Firewall (ICF)" service is running..

It might just help to rerun the Network setup again on both
dlinhleAuthor Commented:
The host computer connects to the internet by a dial-up connection.
The client computer is networked to the host by a cross-over cable.

The problem seemed to have occurred before installation of SP2 and before the upgrade of ZoneAlarm to

The problem might have been triggered after some suspect behaviour with the network card; it was not being detected by WinXP - I can't recall what I did to rectify this, I think initially (for some reason) the allocation of DMA/IRQ resources (via the CMOS) was manual, I then switched to automatic. But then switching between manual & automatic allocation hasn't since affected network card detection/internet connection sharing.

Also, ICF/ICS service is running.

I will try uninstalling ZoneAlarm, and seeing what happens; I was under the impression that the initial problems with v5 had been sorted out.
dlinhleAuthor Commented:
Also, the host computer can browse the internet without any trouble.

Thanks for you prompt response so far!
Chris BRetiredCommented:
The client should be set to obtain an ip address automatically, as ics turns on limited dhcp for this purpose. It will typically not work correctly if you hard code the client. Also you cannot run Zone on the host if using ICS.

Chris B

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dlinhleAuthor Commented:
The problem was ZoneAlarm; uninstalling it on the host (and the client) fixed ICS.

Too bad, ZoneAlarm 4 was my preferred firewalll; guess I'll have to look for a workaround or until they fix it - given Windows tends to be like swiss cheese with all those security holes, I don't trust Windows Firewall.

Thanks for your help!
You can still get your system to work with Zone Alarm...Simply unblock the incoming connections on the client and that should solve the problem....Cheers!
Thanks for the points :) I use ZoneAlarm 4 for outgoing protection on my clients... and Windows Firewall on the server because it's policy of block anything and everything except anything I explicitly define seems to work well... Before running a "Windows Server" I used to also use ZoneAlarm 4 on the server too :)

Glad I helped
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