New to apache having rewrite rule problem please help

After 3 solid days i have managed to get apache with mod_rewrite installed with php.

Not bad for a coldfusion / iis guy

However i am having problems getting a mod_rewrite rule to work

I know it is working because this simple rule processes no problem

RewriteRule ^foo.html bar.html [R,L]

however when i try to rewrite the folloing url


to output as


I have no luck page not found?

I have tried to following combinations with no success

RewriteRule ^playhere/(.*)/(.*)/$ playhere.php?$1=$2
RewriteRule /playhere/(.*)/(.*)/$ /playhere.php?$1=$2
RewriteRule playhere/(.*)/(.*)/$ /playhere.php?$1=$2

also do you need to restart apache after modifing the .htaccess file?

Any help with this issue would be of great assistance and be much appreciated

thank you in advance
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What version of apache are you using?  Your problem is "greedy wildcards" and it cna be solved more directly in apache 2 which has stronger regex support.  In short, your first .* is matching everything because that's how wildcards work in regular expressions.

In apache 2, use (.*?) as a non-greedy operator instead of (.*).  In 1, you have to go a little backwards.  use: ([^/]*) .  This matches any number of characters that are not a slash.  Which is what you want =)
Try this rewrite-Rule:

RewriteRule ^playhere/([^/]+)/(.*)$ playhere.php?$1=$2

This will rewrite

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mediatimebombAuthor Commented:
thanks for you help
What ?! That's exactly what I said.  Except I said it first.  And explained why.
I haven't read your comment while I was trying to solve that problem (needed 20 min to setup my apache and get mod_rewrite to work). My reg-ex does not rely on greedines or not.
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