power supply or bad video card? need suggestions.

i recently upgraded my nvidia gforce 32mb to a jetway ati 9600xt, installation went smooth, installed the latest drivers from ati's website. my problem is that every once in a while the monitor goes into power save mode. You know when you turn off your computer and the monitor is still on, so the monitor just goes into a blank screen with the power light blinking, but my computer remains on, (i see the power light on the computer on and i can hear it running),
the only way i can recover is by shutting down manuallyl(hardboot) give it a few moments and then restart and my monitor will come on and work as it should.
Im thinking that my problem may be my power suppy. it's only a 250w. and i already have 3 hard drives(80, 120 and a 160g and dvdr and cd-r drives also, floppy)
what do you think? is it the power suppy or just a bad card and should get it replaced?

my computer does not shutt off, and i don't know if it's because my power suppy does not have that feature where it automatically shuts off when an overload occurs or if it's because it's not a power suppy issue and indeed it's the video card.
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You have not mentioned CPU. Try calculating maximum needed wattage at http://www.jscustompcs.com/power_supply/ .
Your new card might consume 20-30W more that old one. Try disconnecting one or two HDD - if your problem won't repeat - you should obtain more powerful power supply.

250W in some cases can mean nothing - it depends on manufacturer.

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lgnacloAuthor Commented:
will check that when i get home. (at work right now)

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