Bugcheck 0x1000007f Random Full Reboot

Problem: I have constant FULL reboots. (3-4 reboots a day) No blue screen shows.  I UNCHECKED automatic reboot.  Still reboots without blue screen.  (Does this mean I have hardware error?)

Here is my system:

Dimension XPS P4 3.0 GHZ  1024MB Ram
Purchased:  5/23/03
12MB Radeon 9800 Graphics Card
Built in Intel PRO/100 network card
Sound Blaster Audigy Card

BIOS Version:  A03
NVRAM:  Cleared It


Here are my main errors in Event Viewer:

All of these are SYSTEM REBOOTED FROM BUGCHECK  Event ID: 1001

80% of reboots error:  Bugcheck 0x1000007f  Paramenter: 0x0000008

10% or reboots error:  Bugcheck 0x100000d1

10% or reboots error: 0x1000008e  Parameter: 0xc00001d


1.  Took out every PCI board in system.  Adaptec, Sound, Graphics card, network cards –   Still rebooted with error
2.  Took out Radeon graphics card.   Put in old ATI  card.  Still rebooted
2.  Checked memory with dell diagnostics for 16 hours – NO errors
3.  Checked system board with dell diagnostics – no errors
4.  Took out memory.  Went from 1024MB to 512MB.  Both sets of 512MB modules used.  Still rebooted from both sets.
5.  Disabled networking totally.  Went into BIOS and turn off network card.  Still rebooted.


What else can I try?  I am out of options.

Could this be a software problem?  Should I reformat?  I do not want to.

I can send my dumps to someone if they know what to do with them.

Looking through this site one 1 guy had same error as me and only solution was Dell came out and replaced motherboard, processor, memory.  OUCH.  No service contract!!!

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Can you attach the minidump with bugcheck code d1 at any webspace. I think I can find out the culprit.
dbeers99Author Commented:
Here is link to four dumps.  They are lableled 7f, d1, 8e,  Blue Screen.


I just got a blue screen with Stop 0x00000000   (0x804FD313, 0xC0000000)

Hope you can dicpher something.

It is not the a and it is a html with index of dump. I want the dump wit bugcheck code d1 and you find the dump dataset using checking system event 1001.
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My apology it is okay I can download the dumps. Wait a minutes and I will let you my finding.
Your are using XP SP2 and I've processed your minidumps. They failing instruction address are at low memory. Most likely it is related to faulty ram. Run ramtest http://www.memtest86.com

Your ATI Display card display card driver is outdated. Upgrade it to latest patch. You can use add and remove to uninstall the new display card driver if it causes more trouble.
The bluescreendump is inaccessible and it is corrupt. Can you attach two more minidumps as I want to confirm it is ram problem.
The instruction address of bugcheck parameter list is 0 which does not make sense and this is my first time I have bugcheck parameter 4 is 0. Most likely it is a faulty ram problem. If you have two memory stick, take out a memory stick. If the no more system crash, this is faulty ram. If it crashes more frequently, the in-used memory stick is the faulty memory stick

BugCheck 100000D1, {0, 1c, 0, 0}
dbeers99Author Commented:
I have already done this:

My system is 1GB Dual Channel 400MHz DDR SDRAM

I have four 256K memory sticks.

I took out 2 memory sticks bringing my system memory to 512KB.  -  SYSTEM REBOOTED.

I then took out the 2 memory sticks that crashed and replaced with 2 memory sticks I took out.  SYSTEM REBOOTED.

I checked the memory for 16 hours with Dells Diagnostic Test.  Passed.

Should I buy 2 brand new memory sticks?

I would hate to buy them then have it crash again.  Then I am out money again.

I can post more memory dumps tommorrow as it is a work computer and I am home now.

If I were you, I will upgrade the ATI display card driver because it is free.
The hardware error may be at the cache memory of the CPU or Mother Board. Run the microsoft recommend utility to stress test your CPU  (Prime 95 ) http://www.mersenne.org/freesoft.htm.

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Have you fix your hardware problem.
dbeers99Author Commented:
Problem was my motherboard.

Swapped it and we are running OK now.


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