PHP start stop timer

I am trying to code a simple stopwatch using PHP. I have a start and a stop button, and the resulting time is shown on the page. (in hours, mins and seconds.)
Does PHP have a built in timer function that can be used.?
Are there any scripts already available.?
All suggestions are welcome.
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See (have a look at the comments for function which convert second into hour, minutes ...)

For your case a very simple script would look like:
if(!empty($_POST['stop'])) {
    // elapsed time in seconds
    $etime=time() - $_POST['starrtime'];
    echo "elapsed time $etime<br>";
<form method="post">
<input type="hidden" name="starttime" value="<?php echo !empty($_POST['start']) ? time() : $_POST['starttime']; ?>">
<input type="submit" name="start" value="start">
<input type="submit" name="stop" value="stop">
I hope the functions below may help you..

// Use:
////  Create a timer object.  At creation, Start time is recorded
// $t1 = new StopWatch();
// // When code or section of code is complete, stop the timer.
// $t1->Stop();
// // Display the Elapsed Time in seconds.  Defaults to 2 decimal places
// // or override the display by passing a parameter.
// $t1->getElapsedTime(4);
class StopWatch {
    var $starttime;
    var $endtime;
    // Method Start
    // Purpose: Start Timer.
    function Start() {
        $this->starttime = microtime();
           return true;
    // Constructor StopWatch.  
    // Purpose: Start Timer.
       function StopWatch() {
        return true;
    // Method Stop
    // Purpose: Stop Timing.
    function Stop() {
          $this->endtime = microtime();
        return true;
    // Method getElapsedTime
    // @decimals Number of decimals places to display
    // Returns string
    // Purpose: Display elapsed time in seconds to precision passed in optional parameter
       function getElapsedTime($decimals=2) {
        // $decimals will set the number of decimals you want for your milliseconds.
           // format start time
        $decimals = intval($decimals);
        if ($decimals > 8)
          $decimals = 8;
        if ($decimals < 0)
          $decimals = 0;
        $endtime = explode(" ", $this->endtime);
           $endtime = (float)$endtime[1] + (float)$endtime[0];
           $starttime = explode (" ", $this->starttime);
           $starttime = (float)$starttime[1] + (float)$starttime[0];
        return number_format($endtime - $starttime, $decimals);
       // Member Function: Stop_getElapsedTime
    // @decimals Number of decimals places to display
    // Returns string
    // Purpose: Stop the timer and Display elapsed time in seconds to precision  passed in optional parameter
   function Stop_getElapsedTime($decimals=2) {
     return $this->getElapsedTime($decimals);

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