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AGP Aperture Size option not in Bios!

I have just bought an HP Media Center computer (m1160n), and upgraded the graphics card to a 256Mb Geforce. 3D Mark 2003 reports that my AGP aperture size is just 4Mb, and this may explain the fact that I get some stuttering in some applications/games. However, in the advanced bios there is no setting to change the AGP aperture size. The system contains an Asus motherboard (a new type called "Salmon", which is apparently made specifically for Media Centers), running the Award Bios. The bios version is dated 26th September 2004, and there are no updates available on the Asus site. Is there any way I can change the aperture size - it is surely a bottleneck in my system at the moment. It seems strange that there is no option in the bios to change it!

Thanks for any help you can give.
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Looks like you might be out of luck. A quick Google on "can't change AGP aperture size" (without the quotes) found that HP has a better idea, and does not let you change this setting.


HP told me (the idoits that they are) that to protect my computer from being ruined, the BIOS do not include an option to change AGP aperture.
Do a Google for Uber bios. If you can find one to suit your chip you will be away. Mr Uber? specializes in giving back that which the manufacturer taketh away. Now repeat after me. I will never buy an off the shelf PC again, especially from HP. They do horrible thing to XP - shouldn't be allowed.

Chris B
EezageezaAuthor Commented:
Damn, what a B*****d! This motherboard is so new that I doubt there is a Uber bios for it. In any case, not sure how to find the exact chipset out - do I need to look at the board itself? Perhaps I should also contact HP again, and direct them to that thread, and see what they say....

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According to the HP website, your motherboard is an K8S-LA, but HP calls it a Salmon-GL6E.  


Asus has no such motherboard listed, and my (brief) search didn't find any uber bios.  Sorry...

EezageezaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help - that's great. I thought I was getting a good deal on a powerful system, but these "hidden" facts will make me think twice in future..
Thank you much.    : )

Here's hoping HP will put out a BIOS update to fix this, soon.

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