mx records, host setup (screen shot)

Hi guys. I just purchased a domain name ( .  I am at the screen to setup mail and could use some help.
I will be hosting my own mail server at my house. I also have an external DNS server here. So I think I need to enter my public IP in the domain name settings? My public IP is  65.33.x.x

Here is a screen shot of the info being asked of me

Right now the MX records and CNAME records are not entered. Host name is entered but it is pointing to Name Secure's DNS server. I'm assuming I need to change this to MY DNS server? (65.33.x.x)
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If you only have one public IP, open port 25 and point to the 65.33.x.x.

Let's say your router is at and your external DNS server is at and you are running the mail server at point the MX record at

I hope this makes sense to you.

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For a hostname enter and for pref enter the number 10.

What this is asking for is the complete DNS name of the computer that hosts your email. I am assuming that your www server is your email server. You could also create a new A record named mail that points to you mail server's IP and then use that above. Also the Pref is asking for the ranking in priority of that mail server, using different prefs you could set up back up mail servers, just make sure all have higher numbers then the one before.
dissolvedAuthor Commented:
thanks guys.
so MX records strictly point at your mail server

internet users will be using my external DNS server (or whatever DNS server I specify in Name Secure) to reach my mail server. Is that correct?
dissolvedAuthor Commented:
heres a diagram of my internal network if it helps anyone
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