Wireless: Is WPA necessary if SSID broadcast is disabled and router log-on changed?

If SSID broadcast is diabled and SSID and router log-on are changed from the factory defaults, is WPA necessary for home wireless network security?
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Some of the suggestions for wireless security are

a) Disable SSID broadcast
b) Enable Encryption WEP
c) Enable MAC address filtering ( http://compnetworking.about.com/cs/wirelessproducts/qt/macaddress.htm)
d) Upgrade the firmware of your router

Keep in mind to check the log of your router every so often. Some unusual activity of someone using your wireless network can be detected.

Read articles : http://www.drizzle.com/~aboba/IEEE/


whoustoAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the list and the links.  However, hasn't WPA replaced WEP?

I know that enabling WPA is the best option, but if you have SSID broadcast disabled, and you've changed the factory router logon and password, why should a home network need to enable encryption or MAC address filtering?

Bill H.


Those for extra protection for your wireless network. that is all

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To answer your questions:
1) Yes, you should enable WPA even if you disable SSID broadcast and router logon. The SSID is only used for association with a specific access point and not broadcasting it would not prevent someone from sniffing the SSID off the air from another connection. SSID is not a security measure. In addition, WPA encrypts all data traveling the air preventing disclosure of information.

2) WPA is replacing WEP. It can utilize two encryption schemes, TKIP or AES, both which are much more secure than WEP.

---Good Luck
whoustoAuthor Commented:
Thanks syn,

In the neighborhood full of geriatrics I live in I don't need to worry too much about war drivers in Cadillacs and Crown Victorias, so I may not bother with encryption until I move.

However, your reply leads to a request for some additional explanation.  How do wireless snoopers go about "sniffing the SSID off the air"?

Bill H.
Easy enough. Take a look at the tools
Add Ethereal to that, and you have a wireless sniffer

More tools
The broadcast SSID setting only prevents your Access Point from sending beacon packets advertising its existence.  Short answer to your question is this:

802.11a/b/g packets have unencrypted headers.  Regardless of whether or not your access point is broadcasting beacon packets with the SSID, all data to and from clients contain the SSID in the header, so a wardriver need only wait for a client to send or request a packet and the SSID is sent, unencrypted, over the air.  Use the WPA feature at all times, and change all default settings to something custom.

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Does WPA have as much 'overhead' as WEP appeared to have? Everything seemed slower with WEP enabled...

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