Indy 9 Frozen Application

I am using Madshi's MadExcept to troubleshoot an application of mine. I have been having trouble with an error stating that the application is frozen. This is happening when I am calling writebuffer on an Indy 9.0 TIDTCPServer

Here is what I am doing:

with FServer.Threads.LockList do
      For x:=0 to FConnectionCount -1 do
        if TConnectionThreadData(TIdPeerThread(Items[x]).Data).SendToThisThread then

exception message : The application seems to be frozen.

main thread ($3b8):
77f82870 ntdll.dll                                    NtWaitForSingleObject
75031c5f WS2_32.DLL                                   send
00481952 ScreenCapAgent.exe IdStackWindows        316 TIdStackWindows.WSSend
00484e52 ScreenCapAgent.exe IdSocketHandle        153 TIdSocketHandle.Send
00489b21 ScreenCapAgent.exe IdIOHandlerSocket     233 TIdIOHandlerSocket.Send
004885d5 ScreenCapAgent.exe IdTCPConnection       786 TIdTCPConnection.WriteBuffer

I am at a loss on this one. HELP!!
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Not sure if this will help in any way ...

I had the (Indy)chat-demo program freezing up. Dropping a TIdAntiFreeze on the form got rid of that problem, maybe it'll help in your case too.

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i faced a problem with madexept and Indy:
madexept is reporting frozen application if no data is received within the monitoring time.  Just disable madexept "check for frozen apps" and the time limit is gone.
does it help?
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