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To augment your average ASP file upload script I would like to use a Flash progress bar and I'm looking for some ideas. Any ideas, really. One thing that would seem to work is to have a flash movie with a SetInterval on frame one, with the setInterval function being getURL or loadVariables ("GetBytesLoadedEtc.asp"), so that I would keep getting new data to feed to a progressbar until using a clearInterval when getbytesloaded is equal to totalbytesinfile as dictated by the asp script.  

If that were a problem I might have the asp script continually write to a server side text file its progress info and then the setInterval would be a loadvariables on that text file over and over again.

Does anybody know of a better method or have any suggestions about trying to do it this way?
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Good idea...I've never tried to do this, but it does seem quite possible.

With all the ASP file upload scripts I've used in the past, there's a way to set a progress ID on a file you wish to upload, and then, it is possible to query that progress ID with size total, size uploaded & all that stuff. In samples provided, this is conventionally done with a page that has an auto-refresh occuring every secord or two.

I'd say the best way to get the variables from flash, and the means I always use to get database data into flash, is to essentially create an ASP file that returns an XML document, then parse the XML document from flash for all the variables. SO, you could tell flash to pull the progress info every 50 frames or so. This is all little-more than conceptual at the moment, but if you wanted to provide me with what ASP Upload component you're using, I could probably find some time to throw a basic sample together.
While you need javascript to tell flash the upload is ended, you could just pass loading variables to flash using the same way..
Except for the fact that the loading variables are determined on the server side. The page would need to have auto-refresh code (which with default IE configuration makes an annoying clicking noise upon refresh)
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MPYACCESSAuthor Commented:

I'm leaning toward using ASPUpload ( to ensure reliability, and they do have a progress ID, but as for using it, their manual refers only to this ugly sort of proprietary thing (

The reason for ASPUpload is that I need an upload component that will accept all kinds of data, can handle as much as 100MB files, and that will play well with other COM object methods which will be used to process an uploaded file as soon as it is uploaded.

"The page would need to have auto-refresh code..." Yes? Unless it would cause a "script in this movie is causing Flash Player to run slowly" error, my idea at this point is your idea of having the ASP script write a text/xml file every time another 1% is completed and Flash just keeps reading the file with a function() called by SetInterval that uses ClearInterval when it obtains 100%.

The ASPUpload component does use auto-refresh for its HTML method, but how would having the browser refreshing figure into this flash process? I'm hoping flash might avoid the need for auto-refresh.
hey MPY, Flash would absolutely eliminate the auto-refresh issue as long as you load your variables correctly. I was posting a rebuttal to an alternate solution. Anyway, I have to run right now, but I'll post a little sample on my web server later on.
MPYACCESSAuthor Commented:
Thanks in advance for anything you can demonstrate.

I'm sorry I haven't posted something already. I've been working on trying to get the browse dialog right in flash, however it doesn't look like this is gonna work b/c even though I can get the choose file dialog to display & the selected filename to populate, I cannot (seemingly for security reasons) submit that data. I'll get on this tomorrow to make the flash portion only handle the progress indication. Sorry again.

I've been super busy lately and have only put a little time into this tonight, but i'm getting frustrated with it. The reason is, I think the progress indicator inplementation is a little bass-ackwards. Anyway, the general idea is to create a simple variable file via asp that generates your transfer variables in this manner:

Total=[total size]&Transferred=[amount transferred]

etc, and call that ASP file from flash via loadvariables (make sure you load it using http://webserver/whatever.asp so that it processes the ASP variables) and just every 30 frames or so programmaitcally do the loadvariables again...

Anyway, i can't see myself putting much time into this in the immediate future, so I apologize for any unfullfilled expectations. Let me know if you have any more questions about this though.

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MPYACCESSAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I know you made an effort with it, and I appreciate it!
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