Revolving IP address?

Is it possible to have a revolving IP address? I read an article that said the safest way to run is to use a revolving IP address so no one can see the same IP address I am using. Let me know what you think, I saw it in a Popular Science article :)
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Mind posting what issue?  I'm curious about the article.  Most broadband operators use DHCP with 1 day+ leases, meaning you will typically get the same IP every time you start the computer.  It COULD change, but usually you end up with the same address.  With Dialup, you generally get a revolving address - that is, a new one every time you log in.
bfeldman13Author Commented:
I read that having a revolving IP address will prevent your IP address being shown to wherever you visit or see. Thought the article was interesting and wanted to see if anyone here ever heard of it, there was some kind of software that you could by for $30 that would revolve your IP address.
not in that way
a revolving ip does NOT prevent You being caught/identified by ip. Most (if not every) ISP should log few connected information as: user which is using ip (ie telephone number on dial-ups), connection time, lease time etc. So if some high instance will need such information whose was ip at some period of time it WILL GET such information.

The revolving ip does not "hide" you in any way. It is visible to any other user over the internet the only thing is that when you disconnect and reconnect to the internet it *might* be different, but according to what i've written above it does not change anything.

Hope that helps
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I think "revolving" is probably an incorrect term for what is being discussed above.  "Dynamic" would be a better term.  Regardless, I agree with marcin79... a dynamic IP address does not "hide" you.
Note- The "safest" way would be to *NOT* place your computer directly onto the Internet but "behind" a firewall instead.
If you are concerned about privacy, the best way to surf "anonymously" is a browser proxy like anonimizer or guardster ( or the cloak (

If you looking for something else, I might be able to direct you appropriately.

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This is what u probably saw:
It actually changes your IP each fraction of a second so it might work(It looks apealling on the site!). But, u will not find this technology somewhere else:they just developped it!
re: invictanetworks

The site is VERY light on details about how they achieve the result. At the end of the day, if you want to communicate on the Internet, you need an Internet routable IP address. Whether this is dynamic (assigned by your ISP on connection) or static makes no real difference, you need an IP address that other people can see, so they can communicate with you.
if you have windows xp you can do a repair operation whenever you want a new ip address.. that is if you have broadband internet. i dont know if it works for dialup or not
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