Move data from JSP to HTML

I have a some data that has been calculated in jsp file that is in a table. I want to transfer (programmatically) these contents of the JSP into an HTML file. I want a use to open the html and find the staff that had been calculated in jsp
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dont get quite right ur question
VbMonkAuthor Commented:
write all contents of jsp into an HTML page
And why do you want to do it?
HTML pages have static content. You can use JS to read and display some data that had been sent to such page (as the request parameters), but that's all. Use JSP if you wish to have dynamic content.

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PS. I'm not quite sure, but you probably would be able to generate new HTML page (that is: create new file on the server with .html extension) from the JSP scriptlet. Still, I don't have idea why anyone would like to do something like this. 8-|
File file = new File("newfilename.html");
PrintWriter myout = new PrintWriter(new BufferedWriter(new FileWriter(file)));

/* ur jsp code...........      

This question makes no sense. An JSP IS HTML as far as the browser is concerned. That is the beauty of it. I sense a troll from an MS drone!

If you wanted to create a "physical" copy of the html output of the jsp then aaaaaa's method is your man, or if you really want to do what you asked, pass the parameters in the url and have fun parsing them with JavaScript.
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