Loading a Stack (keep getting java.util.EmptyStackException)

I had this difficulty on another program and I was unable to solve it.  I am getting an EmptyStackException.  I know this is because my stack is not “filling up”.   It compiles but it does not run.

C:\forte4j\Assignment 3>javac Scan.java

C:\forte4j\Assignment 3>java Scan
Exception in thread "main" java.util.EmptyStackException
        at java.util.Stack.peek(Stack.java:79)
        at java.util.Stack.pop(Stack.java:61)
        at Scan.main(Scan.java:42)

Basically, I am trying to compare a number.  If the number is not the number I want, then I put it on a stack and then “pop” the whole stack and check the numbers and those numbers that do not match get put onto a Temp stack.  Then, I want to “pop” the Temp stack and put all these numbers back onto the original stack so I can begin the process again.  (Once I get this to work, I still have a couple more loops to go.  However, as I have stated previously, I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself and have a zillion errors to fix.)

The code:

import java.io.*;

import java.util.*;

public class Scan {

      public Scan () {}

      public static void main (String args [])

          Scan Roll = new Scan ();
          Scan T_Unit = new Scan ();

          Stack ScanStorage = new Stack ();
          Stack Temp = new Stack ();

          int Track = 1;
          double prevNum = 0;
          double AvgWait = 0;
          double AccumTime = 0;
          int Serviced = 0;
          int count = 0;

          Integer Store = new Integer (0);
          Integer Tracksome = new Integer(0);

          while (count < 100)
            if (count < 40)
            {//beginning count <40 "if"

                if (Track == Roll.ScanRoll ())
                  Serviced ++;
                if (Track != Roll.ScanRoll ())
                  ScanStorage.push (new Integer (Roll.ScanRoll ()));

                  while (! ScanStorage.empty())
                  { //beginning ScanStorage !empty "while"

                      Store = (Integer)ScanStorage.pop();
                      ScanStorage.pop ();

                        Track = Tracksome.intValue();
                        if (Tracksome == Store)
                            Serviced ++;
                                 Temp.push (Store);
                  } //end ScanStorage !empty "while"

                  while (! Temp.empty())
                  { //beginning Temp !empty "while"

                      Store = (Integer)Temp.pop();
                        ScanStorage.push (Store);
                  } //end Temp !empty "while"

                Track ++;

            }// end Track <40 "if"

            prevNum = T_Unit.TimeUnit();
            AccumTime = AccumTime + prevNum;

            count ++;

          }//end count "while" loop

            //AvgWait = AccumTime/count;
            //System.out.println("Avgwait is " +AvgWait);

      }//end of main

      public static int ScanRoll()
          int TheRoll;
          TheRoll = 1 + (int)(Math.random() * 40);

          return TheRoll;

      }//end ScanRoll

      public static int TimeUnit ()
          int Time;
          Time = 1 + (int)(Math.random() * 10);

          return Time;

      }//end TimeUnit

}//end of Scan
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The reason why you get the EmptyStackException is because you pop the stack twice instead of once to get an element.


                   Store = (Integer)ScanStorage.pop();
                   ScanStorage.pop ();


                   Store = (Integer)Temp.pop();

The correct code would be:

                   Store = (Integer)ScanStorage.pop();


                   Store = (Integer)Temp.pop();

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cainsawAuthor Commented:


It works.

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