Trap Incomplete Downloads

Is there any way to trap incomplete downloads from an apache web server? For instance, if a user cancels the download, or it otherwise errors out, is there any way that I can trap this?

This information IS stored in the access log, but I am looking for a way to trap this via a php or perl script for the purpose of gathering statistical information.

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if you still know the lines in the error_log, why not simply greping them with perl or php?

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I agree with ahoffmann;  Apache already tracks this information in the access_log/error_log by putting in a error code for each page request - normally one would run a script against the log files in order to gather statistics.  What is gained by doubling the work?
syntaxmishapAuthor Commented:
ahoffmann, periwinkle -

The benefit to trapping this in real time would be the ability to respond to a cancelled download. An example would be prompting the user with information to assist them in re-downloading, or redirecting the user to a mirror.
Unfortunately, though, the world wide web is stateless.  Unless the user clicked on another page within your site, you have no way of knowing that the download didn't complete.
syntaxmishapAuthor Commented:
periwinkle -

Well, that is the idea; The files will be on the same server...

My best option is looking more and more like putting together a PHP script to serve up the files, which avails me the option of trapping the incomplete downloads that way. I was just trying to avoid that if possible, as putting together code to deal with download managers and still keep accurate statistics will require a bit more time in testing that I was looking to put in.
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