IRQ Conflicts

I've had to rebuild my PC with a friends motherboard, a A7V266-E, which uses the VIA chipset. I performed the Windows 2000 Professional install and had started patching via windows update when the computer hung. No mouse movement, no task manager, nothing. At first I thought it was Windows Update, however it continued to do this as I progressed with software installation within a period of 10-30 minutes. I found that Stinger.exe would generally cause it to hang.

After further investigation, I discovered that it doesn't hang in safe mode. Then I started looking at the IRQ assignments. The motherboard assigns the IRQs correctly, and they are individually assigned when safe mode is used, but when I load the OS normally all the PCI cards and AGP card is assigned to IRQ 9. What it's assigning is: Video Card (9600XT), Network Card (Realtek), Modem (Dynalink), and ACPI (which is meant to go to IRQ 9).

When I uninstalled the PCI cards and just ran with the video card and ACPI assigned to IRQ 9 it didn't crash. So I think it may be this. However, even if I explicitly assign IRQs via the motherboard, they are still all assigned to 9 on normal boot. Safe mode uses the explicit assignments from the MB, or correctly assigns if I leave it auto.

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If you can boot in safe mode, it must be driver problem. You have disable all the driver and activate one by one until you hit the problem. The last activated driver is the culprit.

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PFrancisAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I'll try it out.
PFrancisAuthor Commented:
It was the modem driver in the workroom, with the candlestick. Not really a problem as I'm getting ADSL connected at the moment anyway. IRQ sharing, learn something new everyday.

Last time I had to mess with IRQs it was the mid-90's.

Hi PFranics,

I am glad to hear that your problem is fixed. Let me know if you have any query about IRQ conflicit.

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