Get HWND from a mouse release


Is there a way for a user to click on a button, then drag the mouse to a child window and release the mouse while over the window and have that child window be recordered for sending keys to it?

If yes then how?

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Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectCommented:
Hi Mad_Angel,

You can implement your own drag and drop functionaly with SetCapture API:

You have to do this:
-Detect WM_LBUTTONDOWN event over your button
-Activate SetCapture to the button's window
-Change your icon to indicate you are dragging
-Detect WM_LBUTTONUP event, at this time call ReleaseCapture, and call GetWindowFromPoint to know which window is under the mouse cursor.
-Now you can take any action to that window

Good luck,
Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectCommented:
Dont be confused with screen and client coordinates.
When SetCapture is active, WM_LBUTTONUP event will tell you release position in "client coordinates" convert them to "screen coordinates" using:

then obtain HWND of pointed window with:
Mad_AngelAuthor Commented:
Too there a code example?

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Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectCommented:
>Too there a code example?
No there is not an specific code sample, but drag and drop is always an annoying task, in my opinion.

Just have to generate WM_LBUTTONDOWN and WM_LBUTTONUP events in your buttons's window procedure, something like:
      // some initial variables
     static BOOL capturing = FALSE;
     HCURSOR hCursor;
     POINT point;
     HWND target;

        case WM_LBUTTONDOWN:
               SetCapture(hWnd);    // your own hWnd
               capturing = TRUE;       // some flag to specify you are capturing, could be a static or global variable
               SetCursor(hCursor);   // some cursor you have loaded previously with LoadCursor or you can try with SetCursor(LoadCursor(NULL,IDC_HAND));
        case WM_LBUTTONUP:
               if (capturing) {
                         point.x = LOWORD(lParam);
                         point.y = HIWORD(lParam);
                         ClientToScreen(hWnd, &point);
                         target = WindowFromPoint(point);
                         // SOME ACTION HERE WITH target


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When I try to put this in, i get a case error...don't i need to switch anything?
Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectCommented:
Of course you need a switch, is just a portion of your default window procedure.
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