CHECKPOINT: How do I publish the SMTP port to one server and the POP port to another serverwith same external IP address?

We have just installed a Barracuda Networks Anti-Spam appliance and are having issues configuring it with
Checkpoint Firewall 1-NG . Heres the email that our network consultant sent to me to post here.

The Checkpoint Firewall has a host defined as x.y.z.a.  It has a FQDN associated with it.

I have published ports 25,110,3000 and 3389 on that address to forward those protocols to an internal server at

If I now want to split SMTP out and send it to another internal server it seems that the rule defined to do so negates delivery of 110,3000 and 3389 to the original server.

I use a STATIC NAT on each of the hosts.


Any                  SpamServer       SMTP               Allow
Any                  Mailserver          SMTP               Allow

Both Hosts Spamserver and Mailserver have the same NAT translation to the published IP Address
For example

The first rulle seems to negate the effects of the second rule.

How do I publish the SMTP port to one server and the POP port to another server using the same defined external IP address?
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I'm not familiar with Checkpoint, but you need to be looking for an option for NAPT or port based NAT or similar. A static NAT is usually a one-to-one mapping that maps ALL ports. You want a one-to-many mapping so that you can map individual ports to indivual port/IP combinations.

You probably already ralised this, but if not, then you need to be looking through your doc for info on this to see if your FW supports it and if so, how you can implement it.

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I don't think this can be done in checkpoint, as when you give an internal node the external ip address as static nat when an existing internal node is already configured for the external ip address for static nat, then checkpoint through's up a conflict warning.
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