How to Publish an Assembly

What are the steps for publishing an assembly. I know all about gacutil.exe, sn.exe, al.exe but i don't know how to use them to publish an assembly. Can someone explain me in detail and where is the GAC folder so that i can view all the assemblies.
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install mylib.dll assembly in GAC
gacutil /i mylib.dll

gacutil /u mylib.dll

Note that you pass the assembly name (not the file name)

The potential problem with /u command that it removes every instance of mylib assembly, regardless
of version number..To avoid it you should specify precisely what you want to remove
gacutil -u mylib,ver1.2.00,loc=it,PublicKeyToken=44cd4ab12f0a88a1

you can list all the shared assemblies in GAC  using:
gacutil /l

another way to install to GAC

1. Make a Public module and put the functions in it.
2. CD to your C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322 folder and type: sn -k c:\mykey.snk
3. Add this to the top of your module:
Imports System.Runtime.CompilerServices
And before the Module:
<assembly: AssemblyKeyFile("c:\mykey.key")>
4. CD back to the v1.1.4322 folder and type this in: gacutil /i c:\project\myassembly.dll

Make sure to replace paths with your actual directories.

Now you can add a reference to the DLL anywhere on your computer without having to move the DLL

On most systems, the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) is stored in the C:\Windows\Assembly\GAC folder.
However, it is possible to move the GAC to another directory by creating a new value named
CacheLocation under the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Fusion registry key. Moving
the GAC can be useful when testing installation routines or to make it point to a network share.
averma78Author Commented:
I have done this the problem is when i try gacutil /i c:\project\myassembly.dll it give me this Unknown Option: and and when i check gac there is no refrence of my assembly in gac. But if I drag and drop dll into gac it does add a refrence in gac but how to do it from command line.

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the gacutil.exe is stored into ur hard drive at

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET\FrameworkSDK\Bin


so to use it from command line

do this

C:\>Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET\FrameworkSDK\Bin gacutil.exe

try and let me know


Edward JoellCommented:
Link in accepted solution does not work.
Edward JoellCommented:
and gacutil produces error  "gacutil" is not recognized as an internal or external command operatable program or batch file.
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