CInt not working

I can't seem to get this to evaluate the number in the combo box as a number.  The immediate window shows the number in the combo box as '8' and is only bringing up records that are 9 days old.  The other records 10 Days and older are not showing up.

s = s & " And [B2B EDGE].phase = 0" & _
    " And DateDiff('d', app_date, Now) < 500" & _
    " And DateDiff('d', app_date, Now) > '" & CInt(Forms!frmPhaseData2.cboDays) & "'" & _
    " And [B2B EDGE].Manager like '" & Nz(Me.cboManager, "*") & "'"
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Hello chrisamuel,

You are speciftying the date difference must be Greater Than the combo value.
If you want to allow the combo value as well you should use >=

Alan WarrenApplications DeveloperCommented:
Hi sean,

try using Val(Forms!frmPhaseData2.cboDays)


 And [B2B EDGE].phase = 0 And DateDiff('d', app_date, Now) < 500 And DateDiff('d', app_date, Now) > 8 And [B2B EDGE].Manager like 'fred'

Alan WarrenApplications DeveloperCommented:
should return all records with app_date between 9 and 499 days old with phase = 0 and manger like 'Fred'
enclosing stuff in single quotes make access evaluate as text. Make sense?

Replace your code with this

s = s & " And [B2B EDGE].phase = 0" & _
    " And DateDiff('d', app_date, Now) < 500" & _
    " And DateDiff('d', app_date, Now) > " & CInt(Forms!frmPhaseData2.cboDays) &  _
    " And [B2B EDGE].Manager like '" & Nz(Me.cboManager, "*") & "'"


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chrisamuelAuthor Commented:
Thanks! I'm glad it was a simple fix.

- Christine
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