Registering a New DNS Server

Quite some time ago I recall going through a fairly long registration process through Network Solutions to register a primary dns server. It is my intent to continue managing DNS locally, but I do want to make sure that a new is indeed recognized and setup properly.

win2000 servers...exclusively btw.

 My question are:

1. The domain itself is a CA domain (already setup), do I register the DNS server through my registrar or can I do it through another service like Network Solutions (as I did previously). The interface does not seem to exist there for doing this any more. Once the new primary is setup. it is my intent to update our hosted domains to the new primary and then retire the old one.

2. I have had a tough time finding an external secondary DNS service that we could afford. Is there any reason (besides redundancy) that I can not create an local secondary so that I at least have coverage if I loose my primary DNS server?

3. Any thoughts on planning out a strategy for this would be appreciated.

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1. You need to update your primary and secondary servers with the registrar you have your domain name registered with.

2. Maintaining a secondary dns server locally would provide redundancy incase a dns server crashes... you could promote the secondary to a primary if the primary failed.  What this wouldn't do is leave dns to the outside world if your local internet connection goes down leaving potential clients with a "Page not found" error due to not being able to resolve DNS...  However... if your webserver is hosted locally then this wouldn't matter as they would receive the same error whether or not they were able to resolve DNS

3. Talk to your ISP and see if they will host a secondary copy of your zone on their DNS servers... this would allow you to manage DNS locally still since the ISP will update from your local server and leave a copy of DNS externally incase your connection goes down... however, if the ISP had a complete outage then no DNS servers would be available...

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