San Disk Flash Card, Digital Camera Picture Retrieval Problem

A client has a Kodak DX6440 camera.  The pictures show up in the camera and can be copied onto the computer if the camera is put on the docking station.  If the camera is attached to the computer with just a USB cable the card shows up, the folders on the card can be seen, but the pictures don't show up.  If the card is put into a card reader the pictures show up but are corrupt, unreadable.  The card reader is a no name 4 in one type (4 different sized slots, each slot shows up as a different drive) that is hooked up to a server so that it can be used by anyone in the office.  The card reader works fine on compact flash cards.

My questions are:
Why is this happening?
What is the best way to resolve it so that everyone can easily get pictures off the camera?
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Chris BRetiredCommented:
In the camera menu you will find the option to format the card. This should solve the problem. Did for me.

Chris B
It seems to me that there is a mechanizem that allows the camera to transfer those photoes in an easier manner within the docking station. Otherwise, I think it is a formatting issue thatthe reader is not supporting and the camera does not have sufficiant electrical power to transfer those photoes.

This is my opinion;

If the pictures are viewable with the camera and they can be downloaded using one method, the card and files should be OK, I think.

The problem may have to do with the USB drivers. I guess the card reader is also USB. Can you try:
1) Move the card reader to another computer?
2) Use another card reader?
3) Using a mem card to PCMCIA adapter and try reading the card in a laptop? (Different drivers involved for PCMCIA cards)

What O/S is on the server, btw? win XP? Some kind of USB problems seem to be around for XP if not updated with SP1.

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griff0nAuthor Commented:
A new card reader solved the problem.  I split some points to Cyber-Dude because I think he's right about the camera not having enough power without the dock.
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