OracelHelper class again!!

I need to insert records into a table from a form where can input my values.
I have to use the Microsoft Data Access Application Block , OracleHelper class only!!
I am having a nightmare from the time i was introduced to this DAAB, there are lots
of methods like ExecuteDataset,ExecuteReader,ExecuteScalar,ExecuteNonQuery

which one should i use
I did a lot of searching but the parameters which these methods are stored procedures
but i dont have any storeprocs.
i just have to do one small insertion
can anyone help me out??

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For a simple insertion in the database u have to use the ExecuteNonQuery method with the following signature

public shared ExecuteNonQuery(connection as OracleConnection, commandText as string ) as Int

or u can use
public shared ExecuteNonQuery(connection as OracleConnection, CommandYype.Text,commandText as string ) as Int

u don't have to worry about any other parameters or overloads
vishnunarayanAuthor Commented:
Can i use something like

OracleHelper.ExecuteNonquery(sConnectionString as OracleConnection, CommandType.Text, commandText as string)
commandText = "insert into mytablename values(' ', ' ')"  ?????

I actually want to give my qurey as "select * from mytable"
and say recordset.addnew so that i can check for duplication in my table.
vishnunarayanAuthor Commented:
ok now i get it
ExecuteNonquery will return an integer value
i used it this way
Dim rtnvalue as integer

rtnvalue = OracleHelper.ExecuteNonQuery(sConnectionString, CommandType.Text, "INSERT INTO OraTest values (" & txtcatno.Text & "," & txtsiteid.Text & "," & txtCategory.Text & "," & txtEmail.Text & ")")

But this doubt of mine remains still

I actually want to give my qurey as "select * from mytable"
and say recordset.addnew so that i can check for duplication in my table
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vishnunarayanAuthor Commented:
i want to use the qurey "select * from mytable " with a WHERE clause
which method should i use
First Step :
You can use ExecuteReader for the select query.

Second Step:
Check to see If it returns nothing then you can use ExecuteNonQuery for Insert.



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vishnunarayanAuthor Commented:
If i want to do the same in ASP.Net i think i can use the methods in the same way isnt't??
Sorry for the delay in replying.

Sure, you can do it the same way.
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