Fatal Error - 2ndary Hard Drive Failed & unable to reinstall on primary drive

My secondary hard drive (F:) failed and I removed it from my system. Now when I go to reinstall some of the programs on my primary drive (C:) I get constant installation errors, aborting the installation. The errors range from fatal errors to installation errors, both referencing that the F drive is no longer available.

Even when MSN Messenger, when I downloaded the latest version and went to install it, it gives the same error.

What can I do to eradicate all references to the F drive on my system?

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Is this what you are looking for ?

It would help to have some specific error messages.

Run regedit, use edit Find to find all instances of "F:".  What to do with the entries you find is a bit dependent upon what the entries are intended to do, but you may be able to tell by the context of the key(s).  Then use a registry cleanup utility tie up any loose ends this process leaves.
Dont reinstall the software but remove it first. This means that you should revove it even from the registry; and than install it from scratch. For example; If you have Office installed on that F: drive under 'program files' and Windows stored some referential files on that drive, Office wont be able even to do 'Repair' procedure. So, you will have to remove office totally from your computer using the registry editor (and face lots of enetries - but lucky you, there are utilities which might help you remove that software) and remove 'Office' totally. As for the MSN Messanger, just remove it first from the OS (and remove it totally) and than re-install it using the Windows XP CD.

If you want more help on that matter, just say so...

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JustinSmith333Author Commented:
Sorry for the delay on the recommendations to fix my ailing computer. I had already run regedit and corrected the entries refering to the "F:" drive and yet the problem continued to exist.

What I have found to work as an intermittent solution to is create a partition on my primary hard drive, label it as "F:" and then I was able to re-install the software previously located on the slave drive (aka "F:").

I'm in the process of slowly adding my software back into my system and dealing with the issue of Norton System Works, Windows XP SP2 and conflicts resulting in an extremely slow and non-functional computer (i.e. able to log in, have the desktop populated as normal but unable to run any programs or even access the Start menu). It seems to be bogged down significantly. I'll search for any existing troubleshooting tips online here before posting a question.

Thanks for the responses so far.
should a clean install not be quicker, easier and more benefittable?
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