Is there an alternative to RHN after my Enterprise-3.0 subscription runs out?

I've noticed that "up2date" can read other things besides RHN's propietary update stuff, and I'd like to use an alternative to that if anything exists (mostly because RedHat have treated me like absolute dirt since I bought my product, and I can't bear to give them another $350 just so they can sling me the hard work and updates put together by other people who they're not even paying for the privilige - including myself, as a contributor to at least one recent update!)

I don't want or need their "support", not that they actually gave me any when I asked for it in my 1st year anyhow.


Is there some place where "RHN" updates are mirrored ?

How do I configure up2date (or yum/atk/whatever) to use these?

Can I configure or automate something to get updates from multiple different sources and block any that don't match (eg: have been hacked to include bots or spyware), or is there some way of acquiring trusted signatures or otherwise validating rpms

What is the "RedHat Network Altert Notification Tool", and why does it know what updates I need to install even though my subscription is over: is there a way to use this tool to get those updates from somewhere else?

Sorry to sound like a newbie, but normally Linux is so good it doesn't need to be updated, so I've not delved into this confusion before :-)
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You can choose one of the Red Hat clones, such as:

White Box Linux  or
CentOS  http://www.caosity

Converting from RHEL to either is simple.  As an example for CentOS:

rpm -e redhat-release

Retrieve and and install the RPM for these two packages:

centos-release  and

Then do a:

yum -y upgrade

and you'll be converted to the new package.


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As blkline pointed out there alternative distributions based on the RHEL source rpms, which are freely available. Since it is the binaries that are protected and not freely available there are no alternatives to RHN/up2date for RHEL. Only by switching to one of the RHEL look-alikes can you get access to updates after your RHEL subscription expires.

With respect to the freely available distros and their errata you just have to trust the sites that contain the errata. RHN uses SSL certificates to certify the errata packages, but the free sites don't.

The RedHat Alert Notification Alert Tool pools RHN periodically to see what new updates have been released that are applicable to your installation. It will continue to work without a subscription, at least as far as notifying you of available errata. You just won't be able to download and apply the errata. This tool only works with RHN.
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