How to insatll date::calc module

    We have free version 5.008004 .We have to use the date funtion for that we need date::calc module ,which we install from CPAN site.but we are not successfull in installing that module.
 Please tell me how to use install this date::calc module which is important to install for manupulating date .
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It might be of a benefit to you to update to the latest version of Perl, then try to install the Date::Calc module.

Before doing that, have you tried to force install Date::Calc? At the CPAN prompt type force install Date::Calc and see what that does for you. If it don't work and you don't wish to update your Perl, then I suppose you can download the source code and build and install it from that.

I would still update Perl, though.

Just my thoughts

  When you typed
perl -MCPAN -e shell;
install Date::Calc
   what went wrong?
isnt ppm available in 5.00804 ??


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Isn't ppm for Windows? or atleast that is what I thought.

I guess I just assumed the qustioner was using a *nix system

Are you using Perl on a Unix or Windows system?

For Unix, you just install Date::Calc (case matters) the usual way, ie:

either by:

perl -MCPAN -e 'install Date::Calc'


unpack the Date::Calc tar file and run

perl Makefile.PL
make test
make install

5.00804 is only 2 minor revisions behind the current release.
sanikaAuthor Commented:
Hi ,
  I m using perl on window..PPM is available with perl n i m able to install the Date::Calc module too.
   Now the problem is different...PPM will install this module thruoght site,this address has given in ppd.But at client place where is script will be run internet access is not is there any way to make available this Date::Calc module without internet??
     What is TAR file ?Can i make available this module with TAR file?Please let me know..
Thanks & Regards
TAR files are standard UNIX compressed files. you would rarely come across them in windows.

relating to your question :

perldoc ppm

      ppm install [--location=location] package1 [... packageN]

     Installs the specified software packages. Attempts to install from
     the URL or directory 'location' if the '--location' option is

     The 'package' arguments may be either package names ('foo'),
     pathnames (p:/packages/foo.ppd) or URLs
     ( to specific PPD files.

     In the case where a package name is specified, and the '--location'
     option is not used, ppm will refer to the default repository

SO you can download the corresponding ppd file to a local directory and then pass it along to the system not having net access. you can install it from there by giving the --location option and the filepathname along.


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another piece of info regarding this,

contains zips of all modules. You first select which version you are using (perl.exe -v). Then download the specific zip file.

On the target system where you want to install the module, unzip the zip file in a temp directory. Then run the comand given in the README file.
ppm install Date-Calc.ppd            ##in your case.

make sure that the path to perl.exe and bin directory of perl are in your PATH environment variable in your target machine.

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