Motorola SM56 PCI internal modem keeps disconnecting. Does it work for anyone with XP reliably?

Is this modem a load of rubbish or has anyone actually managed to make it work (in XP)?

I used to use a system with a PC-Chips 810LMR motherboard which came with a CNR modem.  This worked fantastically reliably with Windows Me, even though Win Me was absolutely rubbish.

I have just built a new PC with Win XP Pro.  I have installed a modem that I had that had never been used.  It was in a box without a manufacturers name.  But one of the chips on the board said Motorola on it so I installed the drivers for the SM56 that I had on a CD..  Does anyone know how to check what the modem actually is for definite?

Anyway, the modem works and seems to work well but then disconnects for no reason.  If this is a problem with the line or my extension cable then why was I so successful with my old PC?

Unfortunately I have no CNR connector on my new Asus motherboard.

I tried installing the newest driver on the Motorola site and my modem no longer worked.

The driver before that one on the Motorola site works but still has this disconnecting problem.

I notice that it says on the Motorola site that the driver is a speakerphone modem, whereas the one that I had on CD was for a fax modem, which I think is more likely the case.  Do you think this would matter to the operation of the modem?

Is the SM56 just really sensitive to noise on the telephone line or something?

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is this the driver you used ?

It could be that your line is not optimal, have it tested by your telephone Cy
peparsonsAuthor Commented:
I am already aware of that web page.  I have tried 6.05 but it disconnects frequently.  6.08 did not work at all.
on the xp pro, did you do any upgrades?
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peparsonsAuthor Commented:
I have  Version 5.1 (Build 2600.xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158 : Service Pack 2

I have not downloaded any updates because I imagined that they would be very large files.

Why? Do you know of a patch that relates to modems?

Not  specifically, but xp is known to have problems with some hard en soft, after upgrading
You could try lowering the speed for testing :

Here other suggestions to try : (apparently, it happens a lot, and has several causes)  >>look at the last part

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>>Does anyone know how to check what the modem actually is for definite?

Run Hyperterminal; connect to the associated COM port and query with
ati1 thru ati7. (These are commands to be typed at the Hyperterminal window). for a clear explanation
of AT commands. (Not Motorola but AT is pretty universal).

Alternatively, in Control Panel, Phone and Modem Options, Modems tab, Properties,
Diagnostics tab, Query Modem. (third of the way down left side),
appear to be SM56 drivers. Requires sign-up unfortunately.

peparsonsAuthor Commented:
fatcontroller (I like your alias.)

I had already used Hyperterminal.  It does indeed say that it is an SM56.  I wasn't confident that that was not just telling me the information obtained from the driver I had installed.  How do I know that that is not the case?

Is it actually possible to install the wrong driver and still have the driver work?
>>How do I know that that is not the case?

By installing a different driver.
Is there a generic driver in XP that will install?
Standard modem or suchlike?

Before broadband, I had a USR pcmcia would
work (not with all facilities) well enough with a generic driver,
at least to connect and d/l the correct manufacturer's version.
I suppose that's not quite the *wrong* driver but neither
is it the right one.
peparsonsAuthor Commented:
Well, I still haven't sorted out this rubbish modem but you folks have given me plenty to be going on.  I thought I better dish out some points before you started to believe that I had forgotten you.

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